Advice Needed!

  1. So my darling bf wants to get me something I really want for my bday next week but since it has been so slow at the resturant we work at he can't afford much. I found this Chanel wallet on ebay that I think looks pretty authentic but the feedback is not great....I know it is risky but it would be a really good price for the wallet that I LOVE. What do you all think? Should I take a risk in hope of getting a great deal?
  2. ask when she bought it, cuz she says it was $535, but I remember it being $565. Or I'm wrong or there was a price hike? I would wanna see better pics of the stitching and the logo. Cute wallet tho!
  3. Her feedback score is horrible. I really don't recommend buying from her.
  4. I know it really is, but the price is so tempting...I guess she needed to adjust the price for that reason...
  5. Hi!!
    there is a wallet just like this for sale here on the PF. I just cant remember the seller though.
  6. Ohhhh...I love the wallet! It is so cute!

    I don't think I would trust the seller though...I wouldn't buy it from her.
  7. I know! I missed out, it was sold in less than a day! *sigh* so sad
  8. Don't worry Yhassan, better to be safe than sorry. The Cambon wallets are so re-produced that you have to be very careful. Look on the WTS forum and see what's for sale through our friends here...there might be something you like just as much.

    BTW, Happy Birthday!!!!