Advice Needed!!!!

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  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I need some advice! I have a bag listed on ebay and it has five days to go on the auction. I have one bid on it so far. The bidder has over 300 pos feedback, but she also has 7 neg feedback in the last year. 5 of the neg feedbacks are from sellers that say she is a dishonest buyer and to stay away from her.

    Hopefully I'll get more bids, but if I don't and she wins the auction, her feedback makes me nervous!

    Should I just let the auction play out and see what happens, or should I contact her now regarding her neg feedback????

    Any advice would be most appreciated!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance!!:smile:
  2. Well you have five days to go, so you don't have to make your decision right now.

    What kind of comments were in the negs?

    I agree you should be concerned. Perhaps email her asking about the negs, or even emailing the sellers who left her the negs asking for more info!

    Hope this helps!
  3. Hard to say without seeing the feedback. What is the seller like who left them for her? Could be the seller was the unreasonable one. What are the other negs for?

    Some buyers meet nasty sellers in the same way we come across unpleasant buyers
  4. If those seller who left her negative feedbacks are reputable sellers, there is something you need to concern. 7 negatives within a year is a little bit high.

    Like gro3602 said, email the buyer, also wait for a couple more days. If you still don't feel comfortable, you could cancel her bids then. You would rather loose a few dollars listing fee instead of being regreted.
  5. I have emailed potential buyers before regarding thier feedback. If it makes you nervous, by all means - drop them an email. It's not rude at all, I am sure you wouldn't be the first to inquire about it. I would do it soon, that way if you DONT hear back from her at all, you know to cancel her bid with enough time left in the auction. There are also settings you can do on ebay for buyer requirements, to keep the bad bidders from buying your items.
  6. I completely agree - email now so that you have time. I have two non-paying bidders right now. You don't want to half to wait 7 days before filing and then another 7 days before an answer and the ability to relist. The worst part for me is that it was just before mother's day! :cursing:
  7. Seven negative feedback in one year is a lot. I always assume that if they have that many negatives there were probably others who weren't as brave to neg, since many are afraid of retaliation.

    I would be concerned. I would definitely email them politely and inquire. If you don't like thier response cancel thier bid and block them. It's not worth the hassles in the long run.

    Good Luck with it.
  8. I would let it play out ~ let it go and see what happens. Could be she or he just had a bad strike of luck you never know. As the saying goes "Give a Dog a Bone" ~ Let us know what happens though