Advice Needed

  1. I am having a purse dilemma.

    I wanted the Maude bag when it came out. (You know, the thousand dollar vachetta large ergo?). The reason I wanted it was because of the way the leather looked. I didn't like the flat camel color of the regular large totes. I went into Coach the other day and saw they have a $548 large ergo tote in vintage leather. It has the look that I like and I kind of want it.

    My dilemma is this: I can't afford to spend "new" money on it. So to get it, I would have to return something I've already bought and not used.

    Here are my return choices:

    I have the Soho leather large satchel.
    I bought it when it first came out, in the white with the chocolate handles. I fell in love with the way it looked in the catalogue, but haven't worn it yet. Just from sitting in the bag, the brown on the handles has stained the white leather a bit where they were touching. (I've since wrapped the handles with tissue to prevent it from happening again.) I still love the bag, but am a bit afraid to wear it because I don't want to ruin it with stains and scratches. My only reservation about returning this one though, is that it looks like it isn't available in that color combo anymore, and I don't want to return it then regret it later and not be able to get it back.

    My second choice for return would be a signature large Carly in khaki/saddle. I have two signature large Carly's, this one and the black on black signature. The black on black I've used for months and love it. The khaki/saddle I'm not sure of. I love the saddle color, but I used to think the khaki signature was too much with the large C's. Everytime I go to return the bag though, I try it on in the mirror and decide it looks a lot better than I thought, so I don't use it, but don't return it either.

    My last choice would be to return two bags I bought at the outlet. One is the soho leather large hobo.
    I got it as a customer return on clearance for $160 in black. It still has the regular Coach boutique tag on it, rather than the Factory one. I bought it mainly because I didn't want the trip to the outlet to be a total waste, and you can't ever go wrong with having a simple black bag. *most of my bags have lots of hardware and such so this was a departure for me*

    The second outlet bag I'd be returning isn't available anymore. It's the Hamptons book tote with the C embossed leather in a red color. I bought it on clearance for about $250, and liked it because it was different. I don't have any red bags, and liked the embossed leather. I haven't used it yet either.

    What do you ladies think I should do? Which should I return to get the new bag? Or should I keep these old ones, and save up for a few months for the new one, and hope they still have it?

    Sorry this is so long. *L*
  2. I'd return the singature Carly. It sounds like your least favorite of the bags and while it's beautiful and functional it's also still a current style that is not difficult to get, so if you regret it you can almost certainly get another one later. That's just my two cents! Good luck!
  3. YIKES! That IS a dilemma!

    And what tough choices... Just from reading your post - I think you should consider the outlets bags as your "returns"... It sounded as though you would be able to live without these items... the way you described the other bags just made me feel like they meant too much to you to part with... (I know that sounds kind of silly - but that is how I feel about some of my bags too!)

    Good luck with your choice. Just know that you will have a new addition to your family - whatever you decide. :O)
  4. I'd return the signature Carly, and maybe the outlet bag, the Soho leather hobo. Neither one sounds like you LOVE them, and you can always stash the cash for your next Coach love.
  5. I'd return the soho satchel because I'd always live in fear of getting it dirty or the color transfering again. And I'd return the black hobo too. Red bags are hard to find so if you love that embossed one keep it - red is hot!!!
  6. I'd return the outlet hobo which it sounds like you don't love. Maybe also the satchel because of the color transfer issue. I think you should definitely keep the red embossed which sounds AMAZING and the Carly too....just because I love Carly, lol! But seriously, I think if you aren't feeling the Carly, return that one too.
  7. Id return the soho satchel because I think you will always be scared of getting it dirty and no one likes to live that way. And i would get rid of the black outlet bag.

    Good luck!
  8. Return the outlet bags, it sounds like you don't like them too much. You should also return Soho satchel white with the brown strap. That brown is going to transfer sooner or later and ruin that bag.

    I own and love carrying the Ergo Vintage Tote No. 11011. I love it so much I am wearing
    it exclusively. I am sure you will love your bag too!;)
  9. return everything and get the Maude XL
  10. soho satchel is my vote
  11. I loved the Khaki/saddle Carly too, but had the same trouble with feeling like the big Cs were just too much for me. I think I love it more on other people than on myself.

    I would return the Carly and the Soho Satchel--those sound like your least favorites, and when you have to start worrying too much about something getting dirty, you migh prefer to have a bag you're free to use daily and enjoy.

    Good luck!
  12. I am going to quote Bags4Bubbles [​IMG] from another thread:

    "Look at it this way. Out of the things you are looking at - what are you going to "use" them for... Do you have a bag that serves a similiar purpose or looks similiar? Also, if someone made you choose between keeping one of these new bags or "insert your fav bag from your collection here", which one would you keep. Go down the line, and do that for each bag on your list... "

    I consider this one of my personal commandments, when buying a new bag.
    In the morning, when I am just about to rush out the door to face the day, would I let X bag even rival my Ali bag? (Ali is my favorite) If the answer is yes, then I would keep/purchase X bag.

    I know that doesn't totally help^ so since I am a fan of hobos and embossed C leather and not so much of the Carly's (and since you have two Carly's), I would say get rid of the Carly. Also because the khaki/saddle color is in the same color family as the camel ergo.

    I would love to see a photo of your embossed C leather item. I really would like something in this material!
  13. I like this answer! LOL! I'd return anything that has a tag still hanging off of it after being in your closet for more than a few weeks. If you haven't pulled it out to use it in that amount of time then you probably won't use it enough to justify keeping it. The only thing that I keep around that I don't use every single month is a large tote for travel. Those are necessary but I don't use them that often. Good luck on your decision!
  14. I would definitely return the satchel. If it has already had a color transfer problem and you are afraid to carry it, why keep it around?
  15. I'd return the Soho satchel and the black hobo....