Advice Needed

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    I got this bag during lunch today at TJ Maxx. The designer is Laura Di Maggio. I googled the name and only got sites in Japanese and Italian. I paid around $170, and the TJ Maxx tag said compare at $300. The leather feels very soft and of good quality to me.

    I don't know much about Chole. When I showed the bag to another purse fanatic at work, she commented that it looks a lot like Chole's design. I searched around Neiman's and Bluefly's websit, and I see the similarities, especially that lock and key.

    I know this is designer inspired, and not a fake, so my question is do you guys think it's similar enough that someone would think that I was carrying a fake Chole? Thanks!

    In case the image doesn't load, here is a link to it on my yahoo photos:

    Yahoo! Photos - titania029's Photos - Purse 002
  2. Although it isn't fair, as an observer, to automatically assume that you are trying to carry a fake I would have to say that if I saw your bag I would think it is one. While Chloe doesn't own the padlock trademark it is a signature element of Chloe. Sometimes a bag will be "inspired" by a designer by copying it's shape and form. This bag just went one step closer and added Chloe's padlock.

    So to answer your original question, yes, I think others would think you are carrying a fake.
  3. I agree with the previous posts, looks like a Frankenstein Chloe, like they took pieces from different Chloe bags and created a new one... I wish they had skipped the lock, it would actually look like a pretty cool bag
  4. Thanks all. I do like the bag because it's a good size for me and seems to be good quality I am going to try out the bag with something else where the lock is, maybe charms or a scarf, and see if that works. If not, back it goes, and more money for other bags! :yes: