Advice needed!! Would you trade a new K35 for a B30?

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  1. I've a crazy idea again and need your help and advice on what to do

    Would you trade in a new K35 in togo Colvert for a mint condition B30 in Kiwi epsom from a reseller? I've never dealt with a reseller and I need to have the bag authenticated of course! I would be able to see it in person which helps.
    I can also pay the premium for the B, I'm just not sure if I want to. I've never paid a premium and don't need to because I have patience and a good SA. It's just that the colour of course isn't available anymore and I love bright colours!!! I like the kiwi a lot, however my dream bag is a rose Tyrien. The Colvert K35 is too big for my needs so hasn't been used yet (I love the colour, it should have been a k32 though ).
  2. Since you like and love kiwi so much
    An item is useless if you don't like use and love
    Too wasted to put it zzz in closet
    Yes kiwi is gorgeous and if it's candy range even plus
  3. If you like kiwi a lot and if k35 is too big that you won't use, go for it. But I have a kiwi Kelly whose corners peeled after less than 10 uses. Same happened to my rose tyrien birkin. I guess that's a common issue with Epsom. If you don't mind Epsom, then go for it as there isn't many around nowadays?!
  4. Yes for me.

  5. Thank you for your reply. That's my concern... The epsom and light colour. I have an epsom K and B and am a little afraid of it. I do love the kiwi colour!! It's just that I don't know this reseller and reputation. I think even with authentication I'm a little afraid too as I've only bought from H directly

  6. Thank you for your reply! How do I know if it's a candy range? The lining should be a different colour? The kiwi has white stitching.
    Is it a fair trade if it's a new bag vs an excellent condition bag (I realise k35 is less popular than B30)?

  7. Thank you
  8. All candy range are white stitching
    However not all white stitching are candy
    Kiwi candy interior should be color lichen
    Check with the seller
    Gd luck
    fair or not
    It's how much you like it
    Very subjective

    Just like some people thinking buying hermes are crazy
    R u crazy?

    Sizes are personal
    All are popular

    Gd luck trying
  9. k35 is quite big if you are comparing to b30

  10. I know. I already have a k35 sellier so I'd like a smaller bag. I just don't know for sure that I will get much use out of the Kiwi B30 because I mostly wear black clothes and I hate it when the corners get dirty on my bags.

    Anyone with a Kiwi bag, is this also appropriate if you live in a country where it's nice weather 3 months a year only?
  11. for me the 35 vs 30 dilemma is never ending. i always go back and forth and appreciate having both sizes (currently preferring the 30) but if i didnt have the 35 i would probably pine for it, but ultimately for me if its a great trumps size.
  12. i agree that for a great color I could forgive a less than perfect size. However, K35 I find big too - and I am very tall. If you know for sure you will never be happy with K35 (although colvert is gorgeous), then it is worth doing something about it. Maybe you could sell it and get a bag in leather AND color of your first choice. As I see from your posts, you like kiwi but this B will not be the most practical bag for you to have - given epsom leather and color that does not go well with most of your clothes/. Which climate do you live in? I found that in my country I cannot use most of the year bright/light colors, as it rains a lot and there is not much sun. so this is smh to take into consideration. Convert I use A LOT! good luck!!
  13. sorry i meant COLVERT not convert
  14. Sounds like you should trade the k35 since you will not use it. I have no issues wearing bright colors all seasons... Esp when it is bad weather all the more we need abit of color haha and you mention you LOVE bright colors... Epsom is v hardy in rain etc and in smaller sizes it is less likely to get corner wear...
  15. +1
    that trade would be a no brainer for me personally.