1. hI. I just ordered the mid city bag in taupe and am worried about the color...Do any of you tPFers own this color and have experience as to whether it dirties easily, has a distressed type leather, is lightweight and is not too washed out to be an attractive color???

  2. Just got notified that it's been shipped and will arrive next wednesday...It's hard to wait to find out if the color of this bag will please my heart or win the All-time Blah Award! No one is rushing to respond to this thread but if any of you have some input....PLEASE, INPUT FREELY!!!
  3. hi, I have the city tote in this color. It does not dirty easy at all. I live in Ny and carry it all around. I got mine at funky lala boutique in the east village.
    enjoy your bag!
  4. Thank you so much for responding!!! Can you tell me if the leather is distressed looking? I love that look! I am so happy it's not a dirt magnet! Is it lightweight?? I am relieved that someone else in this world has this color bag!!!