Advice needed: Which bag to take on weekend trip?

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  1. DH and I are flying to San Francisco for the long weekend. :biggrin: We'll be visiting friends and doing lots of sightseeing and romantic evenings. Anyway, I want to bring just one bag and it's a choice between these two faves:
    Sabrina-black leather, small
    Julia Tote-Gunmetal

    Which one do you all think would be the better choice? Thanks!
  2. I would think the tote might be better so you can sling it on your shoulder easier while you are out sightseeing. And it would hold a lot. But with it being in gunmetal it has a pretty, dressy look to it for nights out. Maybe even take a nice wristlet for evenings out but it can double as your wallet during the day.
  3. I vote for the tote.
  4. I say the can fit alot of stuff but still looks dressy for going out.
  5. ^^Agree with everything Pursedove said. :smile: But I don't think you can go wrong in either case--they're both great bags.

    Enjoy your weekend in SF, my hometown! Weather shouldn't be too least no rain is forecast!
  6. How is your julia gunmetal tote holding up? I'm thinking of getting one.
  7. Lol take em both!!!
  8. I seriously would take both! Small Sabrina would be easy to smush in a suitcase, and just bring Julia as a carry on.
  9. I agree with champloo80, take both! Use the Sabrina for dinner, use the tote for shopping and sightseeing. And since I live in the bay area, I can tell you that you will need the tote to hold a sweater since the weather this week is super random! Yesterday it was around 50 degrees, today it's 70!
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! Hmm I really hadn't thought about taking both. lol Maybe I will do that.
  11. It's holding up really well. I've had it since it was first released and use it a lot. One of my very favorite bags. :biggrin:
  12. I vote to take both or take sabrina...