Advice needed - which bag should I buy?


Oct 4, 2009
The Pallas because its unique, or the totally if you dont carry too much.

With the Trevi you have a couple options for use and I think you might find the speedy frustrating if you do not get the speedy b. I love my NF but it sounds like you arent sold on this.


Sep 5, 2013
Totally :smile: I recommend visiting LV store if you can and try both the PM and MM size to see which one works better.


Mar 3, 2013
I love my DE NF MM :tender: There are many ladies who have not had problems with the straps cracking etc on theirs. I use a PurseBling Exclusive Zippered Jumbo Organizer in mine and it solves all of the problems with security or things falling out. I hardly ever zip it though and have not had anything fall out. The NF is a perfect bag IMO, classic and timeless.

I really like Favorite PM (it is on my wish list) and I would definitely choose it over Eva. Pallas is absolutely gorgeous and I prefer it to Palermo and Speedy! I am not really a fan of Totally.

Good luck deciding!
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Jan 10, 2013
I would like to chime in on the Eva also. Granted, it is not a large bag but it is so multifunctional. You can wear it crossbody, as a shoulder bag with the chain or the chain tucked in for a true clutch. I use my Eva almost every weekend.
My cousin found the Eva too small and went with the Favorite, but you can't go wrong with either.

Good luck!


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
Out of your choices I would go with the Totally except in the MM. This a great bag as I have three of the bag choices. Sounds like the Totally would be a good choice. I would say the Palas but it only comes in Mono. So if DE is your choice I say Totally MM DE. All of your things you want inside will be a little snug inside the PM so I would choose the MM. Not too big for your frame. I am 5'2.

Be Blessed MoNikki


Jul 26, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Hi ladies

I can FINALLY start a new thread - yay!

I am looking to buy a new LV bag. The only LV I own and love is Trevi PM. I am torn about which bag I should buy next. A part of me wants to buy a tote, while another part wants to buy some other bag. Here are some thoughts/preferences and the bags that I have been considering:
- I want something light (can't do heavy bags)
- I am short (5 ft 0 inches) and have a narrow frame. Don't want an overwhelmingly large bag
- I am careful with my bags but don't want to baby them. I don't put ANY bag (irrespective of brand/cost) on bathroom floors :smile: But at the same time, I don't want to feel that I can't put the bag in the overhead compartment of a plane (or under the seat in front of me, for that matter)
- I want to get a LOT of use out of my bag
- I like feminine styles
- I like somewhat structured bags (don't like hobo style bags on me)
- must be age appropriate (I am in my 40s)

The bags I have even considering are:
- Neverfull DE in MM. The fact that a lot of the ladies have had problems with the leather / straps bothers me. Also the lack of a zip top bothers me because I want to carry the bag EVERYWHERE. Do things tend to fall out? When I travel, I take important documents (passport etc) and losing my passport is my worst travel nightmare :sad:
- Totally PM in DE. Will this fit a regular iPad, long wallet, makeup bag, small "first aid" bag (band aids, Tylenol etc), small hand sanitizer, hairbrush, travel throw, maybe some snacks? I LOVE that it has outside pockets - but are they deep/functional?
- Speedy 30. Too large? Do hand held bags get annoying when traveling? It is somewhat amazing but I don't own a single "hand held" bag! Is it too unstructured? Will it contain all the things I have stated above? Is it a good travel option? Somehow I am not drawn to the Speedy B.....
- Favorite PM in DE or MM in mono. BUT I am not a mono fan personally (no offense meant to those who like it). Is the PM too small to be useful? What CAN the PM fit in? What about the MM? I don't want an "evening only" bag because I have a couple of nice evening only options. And I really don't go out often enough to justify purchasing any more evening use only bag.
- Eva. Same questions as above.
- Pallas. Is this too much like a laptop bag?
- Palermo. Same question as above. Is it a cross body only bag? Not too find of those

Any other options I should consider (i need to stay under $2,500)

Thanks so much!
I have the Pallas and it fits quite a few of your wants. It is light, looks great on small frames, it is VERY feminine, it only has vachetta on the handles so you have to baby a tad, it has the two large magnetic pockets on either side with pockets on the inside also, it is somewhat structured (most certainly not like a Trevi, and no room for a laptop, but this bag is not a tote nor hobo bag), many different leather colors to pick from that goes with the canvas ( I have the quetsche, which is a deep purple color and the inside is this amazing deep purple color.), and most certainly age appropriate. I am also 40. Love it!!

I have thought about getting the Totally in DE, and still may later, but in the clubhouse some were complaining that with very little in it that the bottom sags. So I need to go in to the boutique and put some things into the bag and see if I can live with that sag. I can't live with the sag on a regular canvas speedy, so doubt I could live with that sag. You just need to go and try on. As far as the Favorite goes, I also wish they had the DE in MM, but another one to look at would be the Hoxton.

Good Luck deciding. You have a nice budget to work with and provides many choices.