Advice needed - which bag should I buy?


Jun 1, 2014
Hi ladies

I can FINALLY start a new thread - yay!

I am looking to buy a new LV bag. The only LV I own and love is Trevi PM. I am torn about which bag I should buy next. A part of me wants to buy a tote, while another part wants to buy some other bag. Here are some thoughts/preferences and the bags that I have been considering:
- I want something light (can't do heavy bags)
- I am short (5 ft 0 inches) and have a narrow frame. Don't want an overwhelmingly large bag
- I am careful with my bags but don't want to baby them. I don't put ANY bag (irrespective of brand/cost) on bathroom floors :smile: But at the same time, I don't want to feel that I can't put the bag in the overhead compartment of a plane (or under the seat in front of me, for that matter)
- I want to get a LOT of use out of my bag
- I like feminine styles
- I like somewhat structured bags (don't like hobo style bags on me)
- must be age appropriate (I am in my 40s)

The bags I have even considering are:
- Neverfull DE in MM. The fact that a lot of the ladies have had problems with the leather / straps bothers me. Also the lack of a zip top bothers me because I want to carry the bag EVERYWHERE. Do things tend to fall out? When I travel, I take important documents (passport etc) and losing my passport is my worst travel nightmare :sad:
- Totally PM in DE. Will this fit a regular iPad, long wallet, makeup bag, small "first aid" bag (band aids, Tylenol etc), small hand sanitizer, hairbrush, travel throw, maybe some snacks? I LOVE that it has outside pockets - but are they deep/functional?
- Speedy 30. Too large? Do hand held bags get annoying when traveling? It is somewhat amazing but I don't own a single "hand held" bag! Is it too unstructured? Will it contain all the things I have stated above? Is it a good travel option? Somehow I am not drawn to the Speedy B.....
- Favorite PM in DE or MM in mono. BUT I am not a mono fan personally (no offense meant to those who like it). Is the PM too small to be useful? What CAN the PM fit in? What about the MM? I don't want an "evening only" bag because I have a couple of nice evening only options. And I really don't go out often enough to justify purchasing any more evening use only bag.
- Eva. Same questions as above.
- Pallas. Is this too much like a laptop bag?
- Palermo. Same question as above. Is it a cross body only bag? Not too find of those

Any other options I should consider (i need to stay under $2,500)

Thanks so much!


Mar 8, 2013
Totally in DE was going to be my suggestion before even reading your choices. The outer pockets are very functional, it is light, and doesn't have to be babied! If I could only have one, I'd choose the Totally over the Neverfull any day.


Jul 17, 2012
Neverfull mm! Not a fan of speedy b either. Looks awkward worn crossbody.

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Oct 27, 2013
Totally PM in DE. I put my cell phone and keys in the outside pockets. Palermo is great but if you don't want to baby it DE is best.
Great luck deciding.


May 2, 2014
Totally or Speedy. They are classics and can be carried in various ways. If you are looking for a more organised features, then the Totally will be a better choice.


May 25, 2012
I'd say the totally or the pallas. I don't see the pallas as a laptop bag, it's beautiful and functional. Well, both are really.

Both are great bags, I once had the totally PM but now have the totally MM. I find the outer pockets more useful on the MM, but for your frame the PM will suit you just fine even though the outer pockets are smaller.

Funny how you aren't a mono fan, I wasn't in the beginning either but I am now. Mostly because I love the vachetta and how soft it gets over time along with the patina. Good luck with your decision!

Snow Diva

Nov 15, 2013
I own a couple of the bags that you mentioned, so maybe I can be helpful! For the Eva, I would say that this bag can definitely be worn casually, in fact I've predominately used it as a casual bag in the three or four years that I've had it. I wear it crossbodied when I go shopping, to lunch or dinner with friends, to museums, art galleries, theatre, movies, out for coffee, and when running errands. I used it this weekend so I can tell you what fits/ what I have in it right now: zcp as my wallet, house and car keys, passport, lip balm, band aids, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, hair brush/mirror compact, gum, perfume, and my cell phone.
I also have the neverfull de mm and this has been my principle school bag. I commuted from one country to another for grad school everyday so I kept my travel documents in the large zip pocket and I never lost anything. This bag holds a ton and I've never experienced any issues (knock on wood) with the treated leather or with cracking and I used this bag at least three or four times a week with no problems. However, I drove to class, so if you are thinking of using it as a travel bag to store in an overhead cabin or something like that, then I might be worried about things falling out due to the lack of a top zipper.
For your needs I would think the totally pm or even mm would be the best choice of those you listed. Lots of pockets and a zipper to give you that extra security, especially if you are looking for an everyday bag that can also function as a travel bag. Hope this helps and good luck deciding!
Feb 8, 2009
I own, the favorite mm monogram, Neverfull mm damier ebene, speedy b 30 damier ebene and just bought the Totally MM in monogram. So my opinion may be biased.... Little disclaimer lol.

Totally pm was too small for my liking, I normally carry baby wipes, an extra outfit for my 2 year old daughter, iPad mini, Josephine wallet, my iPhone 5s, my Beats by Dr. Dre, my makeup bag and my checkbook. Totally MM is perfect for me. I'm so in love with my new Totally that I'm thinking about purchasing it in damier ebene too. The outside pockets are so functional. I put my keys and iPhone in them with tons of space to spare. The Totally would be my #1 choice.

My second choice would be my speedy b 30 damier ebene. I would have to disagree with the above comment that it looks funny worn crossbody. I absolutely love it worn crossbody. Especially cause I'm a mom and love the hands free option. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's a huge pit and it gets hard to find anything in it, unlike my speedy empreinte, it has more pockets in it and a wider opening so it's much easier to find things.

My third choice would be my Neverfull MM. You mentioned you don't like the open top so I don't think this is the bag for you.... But to answer your question, this is my most used bag. I absolutely love the open top because it's such easy access to grab my things inside and I've never had a problem with anything falling out.

I would not recommend favorite pm, I originally bought it and it was way too small to fit anything but my wallet in it.... So I exchanged it for the mm size which is still too small for everyday use. I've had my favorite mm for well over a year now and it looks brand new as I barely ever wear it cause I don't spend too many nights out with a full time job, full time college student, and 2 kids.

HTH.... Feel free to ask me any questions as I have 4 bags that you're considering.
Feb 26, 2014
Home Sweet Home
Totally in DE.. I think if you have a chance to visit a LV store, try both the PM and MM. I'm 5'2 and I love how the PM hangs on my shoulder when I tried it on. If you plan to put a lot in it, maybe the MM would be a better choice so it won't look too stuffed. The DE print and the brown handles are so worry-free and with the zipped top closure, it's really great for travelling.

A handheld purse (in my experience with my Mono Speedy 30 before I sold her) is not a great travel buddy. Lots of reasons why. I won't list everything but the bottomline is -- it ain't practical, maybe even in the DE print. Maybe, the Speedy B will do but as you said, you're not into it.

Hope you find the right one. GL dear! :smile: