Advice needed: what's the deal with this guy?

  1. Hi I'm really puzzled about this guy:

    So my friend set us up, we talked in email for a while and decided to meet for dinner. Then we met and he wasn't spectacular and seemed way too self-protective, can't carry on a conversation with him, like he also retreats after 2 sentences. Anyway so he paid for dinner and we bid goodnight. At this point I was like hmm I'm not sure, kinda iffy, but leaning towards no.

    Then no emails or phone calls for 2 weeks! I was like phew, lack of interest mutually. And then suddenly he asked for dinner again. I was like umm sure one more date. This time he suggested movie and drinks afterwards. I was like okay...... sure. But at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm not interested. The guy is too selfish he finished the shared appetizer cuz "it was good" :hysteric: I didn't say a word, and was like sure I need that diet.

    Afterwards again nothing for a week, at this point I'm really puzzled. Although I'm not interested, but what's the deal? Is he just rude? socially inept? playing hard to get? not interested?
  2. Its difficult to read into guys like that.. but if you arent interested.. then I guess it doesnt really matter.
  3. yea, i'm staying away. :yes:
  4. If he calls again...just say "No".
  5. Sounds like he is playing games. I wouldn't waste your time. If you didn't feel anything the first time around, don't bother.
  6. eeek, I agree. a friend told me not to go out on a 3rd date.
  7. He may not feel a spark either. However, he may be hanging on just to get "some lovin":feminist: AVOID HIM!
  8. in general how many dates does it take for you to know for sure?
  9. I think its clear that you shouldnt go out with him again. You never mentioned anything positive about him.. thats a sure sign you arent really digging him. Not to mention you said it yourself that you werent into him, more than once. Im surprised you went out with him a 2nd time to be honest.
  10. cuz it's a friend's friend...... now i feel stupid too :sad:
  11. When I dated in the past it only took me 1 date! If I had no chemistry I wouldn't waste my time on a second date and especially NOT a third!
  12. There isn't a one size fits all rule. Different for everyone. I think if you weren't having a good time and went out for a 2nd date and still no chemistry...that is a good indicator. There are many fishies in the sea:idea:
  13. I knew by the first date.

    But you can keep going out with him if you want free dinners (kidding!!!). But since you already are thinking no, just be strong so when the time comes and he calls again just firmly say no.
  14. Maybe he's just awkward. Are you sure you're not at all interested? If you aren't, there should be no question. A third date would just be a waste of time.
  15. He could be shy, have another girl(s) around, or maybe just seeking for a friend.