Advice needed - what to do about stitch coming out?

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, some of you may know that I purchased a Ramona last September, but had to sell it during the holidays to raise some emergency cash for my grandmother.

    Then, a few months later, I found one at a reasonable price on eBay and pounced. I absolutely love this bag...but have a little issue.

    I noticed last week that the stitching on the strap/flap in one area is coming undone. I've asked my local JC boutique about it, and since I did not purchase the bag from them, they would not send it out to be fixed (even though I would definitely pay for it). I've tried asking Nordstrom and NMs as well, but they need a proof-of-purchase.

    So, I was wondering, what you guys think I should do? I really don't know any reliable cobblers around here, and kind of balk at the idea of sending it to a cobbler anyway in case something happens and they ruin the bag.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Couldn't you have told the JC boutique it was a gift and don't have any paperwork? I would think as long as it was an authentic bag, they would fix it.
  3. ^ I guess I could try that...I'm a really bad liar though...turn a bright shade of red, like this :shame:!
  4. That would have been my suggestion as well or even at the same for any of the department stores in your area. That is crazy no one was willing to assist, especially when you offered to pay for it!
  5. Hey-- it was a gift to yourself! But if you are uncomfortable with that, ask one of your more "ballsy" friends!
  6. I would try JC first. But I have to say that I'm surprised Nordstroms wouldn't help. If you bug them enough/speak to the manager, I'm SURE they will help. They have EXCELLENT customer service, usually.
  7. I too was surprised by Nordstrom. They told me that I needed to provide a proof-of-purchase and then they would send it out.
  8. I would contact the manufacturer directly. I did that with a Fendi that I purchased on Ebay, and Fendi gladly had me send the bag to their repair place, and I gladly paid for it. The manufacturer would be more willing to go out of their way than the company store, or the department store. You can usually get their phone #/e-mail/address on their website.

    Good luck!
  9. I am pretty certain your Ebay bag was purchased from Saks.
    Since you haven't gone to Saks yet, tell them it was a gift and
    was purchased online when it was on sale (it was 50% off).

    You can go to JC, but you are dealing with international shipping (yourself),
    whereas if it is sent via a store, they assume the liability in the event it is lost or damaged.

    A good cobbler should be able to repair the stitching to your satisfaction.
    If you live near OC, CA, there is a store (4 locations) called Factotum, that Nordstroms, Neimans and Chloe Boutiques use for certain when repairs do not require the lengthy process of sending off to NY and then Italy.