Advice Needed: What Color Jillian Should I Buy?

  1. I really like the Jillian bag, though I admit to not having seen it in person. (My local Nordies is sold out and we presently have no NM or Saks.)

    I have been debating between sand and black, though I also think bourbon is nice too. I could use a casual black bag, but the sand color also looks nice for spring/summer. Also, its a little less biker chick as someone on this board said a while ago. The bourbon also looks fun and looks like it would go great with jeans.

    So, for those of you with a Jillian: what color do you have? How has the color worked for you? Is it mostly a weekend bag for you?

    Thanks for your advice! :smile:
  2. It's all personal preference. And I couldn't decide so I have both a Black and Sand. My Hubby said the bag looks so much less biker Chick-ish than my Black one but I love them both. Sand is nice for the warm months. It's a wonderful bag and wonderful looking and holds quite a bit more than it looks like it would.


  3. Thanks Lexie. Love the photos of both. (That's why I can't decide!) I may just have to go ahead and get one and if I love it, get the other. (Bad me.)
  4. I absolutely love my jillian in bourbon, it goes great with most of my wardrobe, is good for spring/summer AND fall, and isn't light enough to get dirty easily. I get many compliments on it.
  5. Thanks providencechick. I really like it in bourbon too. That's my problem. I can justify having all 3 colors. But, the present budget only allows for one!
  6. I have a Jillian in black and have been carrying her for the last two days, mainly to match my new black sandals.

    I adore the pouchy tummy on the bag and love the bumpy leather. The only beef I have is that the handles are sometimes hard to get up onto my shoulder and keep in place. The Jillian is more of a handbag, crook of the arm bag, know that going in.

    I would love to own all three colors and probably will someday. The Jillian is the only Kooba where I would like to own all the colors it comes in. I would buy it in Raisin too if it were available.

    Black is probably the most versatile and I happen to love the biker chick look, it is about as edgy as I get.
    Jillian-06-2.JPG Jillian-inside-2.JPG
  7. I love both colors- that's why I bought bourbon and sand at the sample sale. Today, it's funny, I was thinking that I need to start selling my bags on eBay asap to pay for all hte bags I bought recently!!! I was debating which one I should keep and was going to ask the same questions. I loved Sand since I saw it in pretty...but bourbon is such a great color too!!!!!!! I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  8. LOL! Yes, I think this thread is convincing me that I need one in every color!
  9. And The Bag is roomy too. I realize most pics make it look small except for PChicks pic on her shoulder.

    Oh I would love one in Raisin. That would be so pretty.
  10. :love: it in black!
  11. Yeah, that's why I always want to see pics of people actually wearing their bags, it's the only way to get a good idea of the size! The first picture shows you how big she is but the second is what the bourbon really looks like. Flash made the color all funky in the first. :smile:


  12. Thanks for the extra photos! You are such a cutie ProvidenceChick. You wear that bag really well!!
  13. Thanks!

    I put that picture up as my myspace photo, and my boyfriend was laughing saying it was of my 2 favorite things, my bag and a beer, haha. I think he feels threatened, lol.
  14. Well, I finally decided to decide and bought the black! I think I'll love it (I hope, I hope!)

  15. :wtf: Do they make the Jillian in raisin? That would be fab. :heart: