advice needed: very prive in black suede or satin?

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  1. Hello every CL expert,
    I am thinking to get a very prive in black. I want them to be matte black, also with black toe, so I am choosing between black suede and black satin. I think satin ones are so elegent, and I like how LC wear her black satin, but I also feel they are rather high maintenance. Black suede may be easier taking care of. They are my dilemma, so which one do you think I should go for? Any piece of advice is appreciated!:heart:
  2. I like the black VP better in satin than suede, but what about black kid? it still has that "matte" look.
  3. I agree with rilo about the satin. I think the VP also came out in black jazz (the shine is subtle) and black eel. Both had black tips.
  4. Satin
  5. Suede...I love suede
  6. Satin!
  7. to add to my previous post, I think suede looks better in color than black.
  8. satin
  9. suede
  10. I like satin, but it's tricky, and not sure it would work in winter? Suede, not sure about it in summer? See my thinking? Of the two, I'd go satin, but I'd really look into kid leather.
  11. Satin. Aren't they HTF?
  12. ^ I don't think so ...

    I have the VP in black suede and black patent ... and they are, to me, very different shoes. I think satin is more for elegant occasions, while suede you can wear out at night, but they still look nice & professional for work.

    I'd go with suede if I were you. I've had mine 2 years maybe and they still look so good. Just spray with Apple Garde and you'll be fine.
  13. I like the black kid the best. Then probably satin cuz its easier to not get dirty.
  14. I like the satin better
  15. I am not going to be much help here. IMO, you can't go wrong with satin or suede. Sorry:shame: