Advice needed! USPS money order to Canada (long)

  1. Hi!

    I need some advice - I bought a bag from someone in Canada in January. I paid with a USPS money order, and I've received the bag.

    Unfortunately, after I had already received the bag, I got an email from the seller that she (he?) can't cash the money order because they are in Canada and the money order states it can only be redeemed in the US. They want me to request a refund and send them an international money order instead.

    The only problem is that I actually don't live in the US - I had a long visit there, so I completed the transaction there, but I'm no longer there. I have the receipt for the money order, but I can't get to a post office to file a claim and replace it.

    Plus, I had to file for a lost money order once a few years ago, and if I recall correctly, they would only refund/replace it after 3 months had gone by and it had not been cashed.

    Ugh. I really want to do the right thing here. Money order was listed as a payment option (no mention of it needing to be an international money order), and the transaction was done on the US eBay site.

    What are my options here? I did ask if they would be going to the US anytime soon, but it's more complicated because the money order was made out to their company (as requested on the invoice), not to the individual person, so they weren't sure if the post office would cash it out in that circumstance.

    Thanks for any help!!!
  2. This is a hard situation, if the auction stated money order and you sent a money order it should be up to the seller to figure out how to cash it not you, you did your part and the auction did not list international money order. Are you sure they didn't cash it? Do you think they are trying to scam you into sending more money? I am just asking because there is so much fraud happening on eBay it is very hard to trust anyone.
  3. I lived in Canada, and it is true that we cannot cash normal USPS money orders..they HAVE to be international money orders for us to be able to cash them, so I don't think she is trying to scam you.
  4. I don't think she's trying to scam me, but I certainly am not going to send another money order without getting my original money back, because you just never know!

    If I lived in the US, I'd just have her return the money order to me and then I'd exchange it for an international one. But it's just more complicated because I'm not there.
  5. Moneyorder can only be cashed in in the States... all money orders to be cashed outside the states should be international orders...

    You obviously didn't know that... I don't know what to do... do you have a relative in the States where the money order can be send to or something ?
  6. I actually did sort of know that, but wasn't thinking about it when I got the money order and paid. I actually didn't even realize it was going to a Canadian address until I sat down with the money order and envelope to mail it, but it didn't even cross my mind at that point.

    And I also sort of think it should have been specified beforehand (though I understand, mistakes happen, and it didn't seem like she realized she couldn't cash it until she went to the bank).

    Hm, I guess I could have her send the money order to my sister. I just hate to bother her (she's studying for the bar right now, and working full time, so she has very little free time). Plus ... well, I am a little reluctant to let any of my family know how much I spend on bags, KWIM? :s

  7. If I were you, I would you I would try to solve it, in this case it is no body's fault but I do believe if you purchase a money order it clearly says it is domestic... which means only within in the States... but no one did this intentionally... but you are with her bag and she is without money.. she must have been very trustful too as normally people send out after they cleared the money order... Why don't you give USPS a call and explain it and see if you still can set up a procedure abroad... as I do think you are responsible to pay.
  8. Have you tried ? I don't know if they will be able to help but it is worth a shot.

    Good luck to you

    And on a side note, Who doesn't cash a check before shipping an item?? If it were me and I wanted my money and all else failed, I would wait the 3 months and allow you to report it lost.
  9. Yup, I definitely want to solve this - just trying to find out the best (as in, easiest) way to get her her money! (btw, this was a company I bought it from, not an individual seller)

    I did try but didn't really find the specifics of how to have an MO replaced.

    Giving them a call is a good idea - I'll try calling a post office.
  10. That's true. Obviously the seller didn't know or think about it beforehand.

    You have the bag... I think you should try your hardest to get the money to the seller. You may just have to get your sister involved, I know you don't want to, but it may be the simplest thing to do.
  11. If you still have the receipt portion of the money order, there's a number you can call if it becomes lost, you should call them and file a claim. They can verify if it was cashed and if it's not they'll put a stop on the payment and send you a check. (You can request the check to be sent to your sister's address) Good Luck!
  12. I think it is the green coloured USPS money order that is only negotiable within the US and it clearly states that in bold print. It happened to me a few times that although I state that in the auction, I still receive these MO.