Advice needed urgently...Bag size to fit flute

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  1. My apologies to the PFers who's reading my rant about the size of the Bal bag to fit my flute again.

    Dear all, do you think the Work can fit a 18.5 inches flute (in case) snugly? Or do I have to tilt it to a certain degree, say 30 or 45 degress?:confused1:

    I bought a Jaune Brief and it doesn't fit at all. The flute stays upright and sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm having a headache trying to sell it and won't want history to repeat itself if I get a Work and the flute doesn't fit.:crybaby:

    Thanks much in advance.
  2. The Work is only 18 inches wide, so it wouldn't fit across the bottom. If you put it in at an angle, I'm afraid it would push the leather out, and you'd have a bulge.

    Have you thought about a Weekender? I believe it is 21 inches wide. It is huge, but gets smaller looking as it wears in. Also, the regular Courier is 23 inches across, and would probably be a very comfortable bag to carry. :yes:
  3. Did you order the BBag online?

    I think it's better for you to bring the flute itself to the store. that way, you'll get the fit you want and carry the flute in your brand new BBag!!!
  4. Connie168, thanks for the feedback. That's my fear too. I don't need big bags except when I'm carrying the flute and music books. Thus, it'll be a real mistake if it doesn't fit AND cause the beautiful leather to be stretched in an unsightly manner!

    The Weekender seems too big and it doesn't do justice to the bag if I only carry a few things inside. I love to see a "fat" Bal, instead of a lifeless "flat" one.

    baileylab, I'll have to buy blind at this point in time!
  5. It would fit at the bottom of my work, but the sides would bulge out. I agree with Conni that a weekender would be a better option, even if it is a little flater.
  6. What about a courier?
  7. I'd say twiggy or part-time, because they're both long:tup:
  8. sparkle2808, I want to make sure i am understanding correctly: flute, as in musical instrument, correct? If so...

    Are you planning on carrying the flute inside the bag without its case?

    The flute disengaged and inside its case, I thought, was less than 18 inches. If I'm wrong, virtual slap onto me.
  9. The part time seems like it'd be good, but you'd have to tilt it at a slight angle to fit.
  10. ahertz, thanks for the infor. A courier is out as I can't carry the style well. I always have problems with bags that can be sling across the body as it seems to create a "valley" between my breasts!:sweatdrop: Please pardon my crude description.

    madaboutchloe, the twiggy is only about 3/4 length of my flute.

    Crazy4Handbags, I can't carry the flute without the main case. It's about 17 inches and with the extra protective case, it's about 18.5inches. I wonder if the flute will still cause the Work to bulge at the sides if I do away with the extra protective case?:confused1:

    Lizz, I hope not to compromise this time. I used to think that I'll just let the flute stick out vertically in the Jaune Brief but it just gets in the way. I'll still think about the PT if I decide to discard the extra protective case. Can it lie horizontally in the PT if it's about 17 inches?
  11. but can you NOT buy a bbag just to lug the flute around? i really don't see why you should want to buy a huge and very expensive bag that might not suit your usual needs just for the flute. i understand you like to use 2 bags sometimes? why not save the money and use some other cheaper vertical bag for the flute? you'll still look cool, you know what i mean :smile:
  12. Does your flute case measure 18" or the case measure 18"?

    My flute fits in a smaller case because it comes apart...

    In a work you should be able to fit it at an angle but it might stick out a bit. I would get a new case... hahaha :smile:
  13. That's not a bad idea :nogood:! I used to play the flute and, granted, this was years ago, but I seem to remember my case as only being about 12 inches long :thinking: - it held the flute in pieces rather than assembled as meggiew00t mentioned ^^. But, I did google flute cases to see if I could find an example to show you of what I used to have, and the cases now seem to be totally different than back when I played <cough, cough> years ago :lol:, and the smallest one I found was 21 inches long. So, if a smaller case is not an option, my first instinct would definitely be a WE, especially since you have your music books - and I would imagine other personal items :shrugs: - to carry as well. I know you mentioned that you don't need big bags except when you're carrying your flute, but how many days a week do you need to carry it? And, you could also use a WE for weekend trips and travel, so it seems like you could potentially get a lot of use out of it :yes:! Anyhow, let us know what you end up deciding on!
  14. I don't know the exact measure, but what about the SLIM?
  15. glossie, thanks for your feedback. I :heart: Bal bags at the moment and getting a good size Bal that fit the flute and the music books does serve a very functional need. I'm quite absent-minded and I need to put everything in 2 bags (and in this case, the music bag and handbag) to avoid leaving things behind! PS: I'll be juvenile to want to try to look cool in this age and time:graucho:

    meggie, oops, I'm confusing you. The flute is stored in parts in a case and the case is in another extra protective case. I'm considering a last option - to go without the extra protective case so that it'll be slightly longer than 17 inches.
    Vida, the slim is too small. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Guess I really have to make my way to town and try to stuff the flute in a PT and Work to try for size.

    CoutureObsessed, so sweet of you to go the extra mile to google for me. Yes, flutes come in very different sizes. I tried to find a proper flute bag on Ebay but the bags are slim and I have to carry music books separately.I'm not feeling a WE at the moment though:sweatdrop: Fussy me, eh?!