Advice needed: Togo Birkin - Blue jean 25 phw or Raisin 30 ghw?


Sep 26, 2011
Dear wise tPFers, please kindly give me some advices.
I know with such a title the answers would lean to Raisin 30 ghw. But here's my situation...

Now I have a birkin 30 etoupe togo phw. I love it and once I thought it would be my one and only b (but you know the H slope... ). I have a 35 rose jaipur candy kelly. Really love the color/hw combo but the size is a tad big so l asked my SA to find me another kelly in 28/32, dark blue/dark red/black, ghw. But she told me it's hard to get kellys now.

A few weeks ago she asked if I'm interested in raisin b 30 togo ghw. Although I was not intended to get another b30, and it's not my first priority colors, but I know the color/hw combo is stunning too. So I told my SA let me check her out when the raisin b arrives.

This afternoon my SA informed me there's a b 25 blue jean togo phw arrived and asked if I'm interested in. My concerns are:

1. If I'm gonna get another b, I'd prefer a different size. So 25 gets my vote. I can use small bags and i use my pm picotin a lot.

2. Raisin/ghw is such a classic combo! I like blue jean though, but my pm picotin is blue jean, too. Is it too much to have 2 blue jean bags? Color-wise, raisin/ghw wins.

3. 25 b is much rarer than 30 b. If I pass this one I may not have another chance to get a 25 b.

What will you do ladies?

A. Wait for the raisin 30 b togo ghw.

B. Go grab the blue jean 25 b togo phw (and maybe sell the blue jean picotin pm and buy another color?)

C. Pass these 2 and stick to the original wishlist: Kelly 28/32, dark blue/dark red/black, ghw.

I'll go check the blue jean b 25 out tomorrow. Let's see if i can take some sneak shots in the store.

TIA. :kiss:


Apr 30, 2014
I vote for the blue jean b25, this size is harder to get and I think this size bag is so cute.

Princess D

Jun 12, 2006
I love b25 but blue jean seems a dated color (my BJ b35 doesn't get any use at all now). So in your case I'd grab the raisin b30, as it's perfect with ghw IMO. You can always wait for the Kelly, we can never have too many H bags.

Blue Rain

Apr 18, 2014
Houston, TX
The alternatives are tempting. Since neither BJ B25 nor Resin B30 is a perfect combination for your need. I vote for sticking with your original plan for a Kelly.


In my H closet
Apr 29, 2010
I'll wait for the raisin B30 GHW.
The way I see it. The B25 BJ has 2 cons against it: the color (since u already have BJ picotin), and the hardware (you prefer GHW over PHW).

While the B30 Raisin has only one con which is the size (since you prefer size 25). But at least u know for sure that size 30 works for you. So i think B30 Raisin GHW is a safer choice.

Just my 2 cents.


Dec 18, 2008
Tough one. It sounds like you love bj colour and will get great use of a 25 bj. So i like option of getting the b and selling the picotin and buying another colour instead.
Is SHW a deal breaker?

I just bought a rasin b30 with SHW (I prefer silver for this bag since I did not want it to replace my black b with GHW) and the colour is amazing and classic and I love the size 30. So i personally don't think I would want raisin with GHW.
Do what is right for you and what your gut says. Also, given you have 2 options can you not just wait for a Kelly?


Feb 18, 2010
Since you already have a Pico in BJ, I'm not sure if I'd go with another BJ if it were me. Also I prefer deeper blues like BE, BS, or BT. Personally, I'd prefer a raisin GHW--would be very classy. But if your heart is not into either one of them, I'd suggest waiting for what you really want. You already have other B30 anyways.
Sep 17, 2009
You honestly have a tough decision to make. Personally I would go for raisin because I love the colour and prefer it to BJ since H makes so many stunning blue colours.


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
I'm amazed that they are getting both BJ and Raisin as I thought both colors were "resting"! I've never been a fan of BJ and felt it was so over-done several years ago, and would prefer Raisin. You don't say how tiny you are - a 25 is a VERY small bag. While I'm a 32 Kelly girl myself, I would carry a 30 Birkin.

Don't buy one just because it is available - wait and get what you really want.


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
30 Raisin Birkin gets my vote. I'd only consider a 25 Birkin if it were an exotic or chèvre perhaps as it's SO small that it becomes more of a "special occasion" bag IMO.


Sep 15, 2013
Hmmm, tough decision. If money were a factor, here are my 3 suggestions in order

1) wait for a kelly
2) sell the bj picotin and get the BJ B
3) buy the raisin B

Here's my rationale. While I love love love raisin and you were offered a rare combo, it doesn't seem to fit what you are looking for. You already have a 30 and prefer PHW, buying this bag would not "fill a void" per se. Since you love BJ, a BJ in a different size could work, but I would sell the pico and get another color. Therefore, sonce neither option is perfect and you already have a B, I would just be patient and wait for the Kelly. No matter what you decide, you will still win which is the good news. Have fun deciding and good luck!