Advice needed - to buy or not to buy


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
Ok I am not a regular poster and most of you don't know me ... but I have a fairly large collection of bags (most purchased in the last two years) which include classics (2.55) to trendy (Spy) ... now I think I bought too many at one time that I am actually not so interested in what's in/hot/'it' now ...

so my husband got a very nice bonus and said that I could purchase any bag I wanted (yes there is a price tag limit so kellys and birkins are out of the question) ... and I was planning on getting a Fendi B - the Fendi store here in Hong Kong should be getting them in March ... but the more I look at them (not actually having seen one up close and personal) ... I am not sure anymore ...

Am looking for alternatives - don't want a LV (have a Sonatine and a denim mini pleaty and those are fine with me) ... have the classic Chanel 2.55 (plus a Ligne Cambon) ... so I was thinking stay with classics .. but which brand?

I was thinking BV - but in my opinion the spring colors I see (powder blue, orange, green) are just not my cup of tea ...

Any ideas?


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
these suggestions are great ...

the MJ stam ... well I have an MJ bag .. that *gasp* I rarely use anymore ... the dior - I think that is a little too trendy (like I said I have the spy and a balenciaga and a silverado) ... not sure if I should and I may be a bit too old for it ...

another Chanel - if I could I would buy the entire store ... I have the ligne cambon bowling bag which is funky and daytime-ish (and I may be a little too old for this one too ) ... and the classic for night time ...

BV might be it ... the classic colors - I wish we had them here in Hong Kong but all I see is :sick: - not for me !!!


Jan 31, 2006
you lucky girl! Wish my boyfriend was that generous!

How about Tod's as mentioned before. They have some gorgeous bags. I would also look at celine's new bags too - they are classic but still a bit different from your LV and Chanel.

Happy hunting and let us know what you end up getting.


Sep 22, 2005
BV all the way. If the colourful ones are not your cup of tea, get a camel or white for summer. I thought these ones are really nice though.

I thought I saw this Ball bag in a light camel/beige as well as white colour?

I really like this one, thought the yellow bit makes it trendier yet still classic.

Have a look at the European BV site, if you find one you like, I am sure you can ask the BV shop to order it for you.

You lucky gal, I wish I had the same problem as you.


Sep 22, 2005
In the mean time, found these from Neiman Marcus:


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Dec 15, 2005
The BV's that KK posted are great! Just like a couple other posters mentioned, I would seriously consider a Tod's bag or Celine. Their lines are so classic and will never go out of style.

Heck you could also try looking at some Guccis too, perhaps one of the Guccisimas?
Hi Harley,

What about an Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Ebury bag? They're handmade -- they take about 6 weeks or something like that (so, like a Birkin or a Kelly), and they're pretty classic. You can also have something (like a note from Hubby) sewn into the inside pocket in a very tasteful way. This bag is on my list -- but, I want my hubby to order it.:lol:

You can check it out at

Good luck! Let us know what you decide!