Advice Needed...Stinky Poorly Packed Bag has me BEYOND UPSET!

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  1. Oh, I so didn't want to start the week off like this. I'd been anticipating the arrival of a HG bag. I've been waiting 11 days for a $$$$ bag to come to me from half a world away. I paid fairly high shipping on it It came packed smashed into a small box and and is now completely mishapen after spending who knows how long in that tight little box. Just a pathetic mess. Oh and worse than anything oh maybe not, I can't decide which is smells like ...maybe moldy basement or something like that. :yucky: Maybe a mixture of mothball in the background. I don't know. I took it out of the box that smelled to high heaven and and said to myself...oh no they didn't:wtf:...they didn't send me this for the $$$$ that I sent them, they didn't fold that lovely rounded bag all up and flatten it out...BUT they did:wtf:. This is not acceptable. This is how I responded and I don't know if I messed up.

    I flat out told them how upset I was.:hysteric: I asked to either return the bag for a complete refund or I would consider a partial refund. I am now thinking I should've just sent it back period and if they didn't accept it and wouldn't refund my money then take it up with my CC company. This seller is one who has sold many bags, one i bought a few years ago was a beautiful LV, packaged great, sent in a huge box and no odor at all. Otherwise I wouldn't have spent the amount of money I did this time around with them. This is the most I've paid for a bag and I can't believe this happened...

    Thoughts anybody????
  2. Sorry this has happened to you. It may be best to file a claim through paypal. That way they will monitor what to do amd when. And it may help the seller to be nice about it all. Let us know how you get on..
  3. If it's someone you ever plan on dealing with again, I'd wait and see what the sellers response is before filing a claim. Sorry that this has happened to you. I know how bad it feels. Good luck!
  4. I think going to the seller first was the thing to do. I know your emotions are running high, but give the seller a chance to do the right thing.
    Keep us informed.......
  5. Heard from the seller...he admits to knowing the bag had an "odor" of being stored for many years by the previous owner. He said the bag was put in the the small box to save money on shipping. He is offering 5 percent off on the price I paid. He says he will send a professional spray that will make the bag smell better. He also says I can take it to one of the designers stores (which is impossible as I live in the sticks) and if they prove it's not able to be reshaped he will pay full price shipping back around the world and refund. Thirdly, he says if that is not acceptable I can send the bag back at my expense, wait until it arrives and he inspects it and then he will issue a refund.

    The foul odor is a complete "dealbreaker" for me. It is a large bag so there is a lot of leather that is permiated with the smell. Not to mention the new permanent wrinkles it got during shipping. It is not something I can live with.

    I guess I will have to trust him to refund me when I send this back...Thoughts?
  6. I would send the bag back and hope that the seller gives you a full refund, if the bag has been sitting for a few years in that smell it might not every come out. The mothball smell is terrible I think you are doing the right thing by sending it back. Just get a tracking number and insurance so you have the proof if anything happens. Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. If he knew the bag had that awful "storage odor" and didn't say so in the listing, he did not fully disclose all pertinent facts about the bag. You are never going to be happy with this bag now, spray or no spray. I think you need to open a SNAD dispute, ship the bag back, and get your refund. You have already communicated with the seller, and if he values his eBay reputation, he should definitely issue a full refund.

    Also, when you ship the bag back to him, make sure you have a tracking number and signature confirmation. I'm so sorry this happened to you! Best of luck!
  8. It sounds as though you have fallen out of love with the bag. Sending it back for a refund might be best but the seller should cover shipping costs as he did not disclose all the facts in the listing. You will need to talk your way round this carefully before you reach an agreement.
  9. can i know what kind of bag it is maybe i can give some advice on how to reshape?
  10. completely agree with this poster. If the listing had no mention of an odor, it's SNAD. You'll be responsible for getting it back to him but he should refund your purchase price + shipping to you.
  11. I would send it back. 5% is peanuts. Make sure you have signature confirmation on the return shipment, just in case you have to take this up with your credit card company. Make sure he gives you a FULL refund including shipping. He should have disclosed the odor, idiot, I just hate stupid people.
    Good luck
  12. Poor packaging alone is enough to make you very unhappy. A fellow tPFer and close friend received her blue Chanel flap bag yesterday. This is the blue bag carried by Jessica Alba, and it is very hard to find. She paid $3500 :wtf: for the bag, received it, and was appalled that it was shipped with no bubble wrap, tissue, etc. Just banging around loose in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. It shows a complete disregard for your buyer if you are willing to ship something that nice in such a manner. She emailed the seller and expressed this to him. (He had way overcharged on shipping also.) He ended up refunding $100 to her. The bag is fine, so no problem there. This story had a nice ending, so I wanted to share it. I hope yours turns out just as well. Word to the wise: in the future, ask the seller about any odors the bag may have.
  13. This is really bad. I always wrap my items in tissue paper and secure in a box or padded envelope even if they are only 5 pounds. Its just much nicer to receive a beautiful package whatever the price. It doesnt cost anything. I save my tissue paper from when I buy in stores.
  14. That's because you obviously care about your buyers and you have respect for the items you sell, which is so great!! When someone spends major money on a handbag (even if it is preowned - so what?), they deserve to have a delightful experience all the way. It's well worth it to take the time and make the effort. A new box, (even if it is Priority Mail), nice tissue, a thank you card, a ribbon..... It makes such a difference; I want my buyers to feel as special as if the Boutique sent the bag to them! These great designer handbags are works of art, and they should be wrapped and shipped as such. There is something so sad about an authentic Chanel stuffed in a Wal-Mart plastic bag, then into a Priority Mail envelope (no, not box - a flimsy thin envelope)! True story, unfortunately. I almost fainted!!