Advice needed--SNAD, partial, something else?

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  1. Sigh. I don't think it's necessary to call ebay for every little issue.

    Why not just email the seller telling her that you noticed that tracking showed delivery and s.c. at (date) and (time) and that she's relisted the item. You're just wondering when you can expect your refund.

    Calling ebay is something that should be saved for when you really need their help, when the buyer or seller isn't working with you, when dealing with fraud, etc.

    Communication between buyer and seller are all it takes in this case.

    If it goes another day without a refund, then go to the case and update there.
  2. BTW, if this is the seller with 91% feedback, she needs to prepare better listings, offer full disclosure and follow through on her sales or her feedback and DSRs will get her booted.
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    The seller knew the bag was being returned. What's the sellers delay/excuse for not refunding?

    The seller has received the bag & relisted it already

    Seller conveniently holding the buyer's money...this is not very professional or honest

    Calling ebay & asking for your money is not such a little issue espcially when the

    seller has the bag back & your money

    Let's hope the seller has enough funds to refund...
  4. Hotshot, of course I didn't....which is why I said, "of course there's no mention...".

    Thanks, BB. And yes, I would like to continue to just work this out with the seller and not harangue eBay unless necessary...the bottom line is that I know they will have my back if I do eventually need to contact them, so why not contact the seller first--there's no downside. TBH, I just didn't want to be overly pushy with the seller if there was some kind of reasonable etiquette for this--like 48 hours or 3 days or something--but given the relist, I probably will just email her today per your recommendation.
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    Overly pushy to get your refund? Reasonable etiquette when the seller has the
    bag aready relisted..

    Good luck OP getting your refund
  6. As a seller, I would refund immediately but that's me.

    The thing is that if you call ebay for every little thing, you'll get on their radar as a (potential) problem buyer and if that happens, you can find yourself unable to open further disputes, or worse, NARU'ed.

    There have been numerous posts on ebay's discussion boards about buyers who can no longer dispute issues. Their complaints were often legitimate but in many cases, they were purchasing highly disputed items and as such, had too many of what ebay considered to be problem purchases.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't question that a decent seller won't relist an item for which the buyer hasn't been refunded yet, but that doesn't mean that every issue needs to be handled with ebay's involvement. You're an adult; she's an adult and unless you can't get satisfaction after first trying to work it out with her, it's unnecessary to call ebay!


  7. Maybe the seller spent the money and has to sell something to refund.

    Did you check the original transaction to see if it was refunded? The refund goes back on that card and on that transaction.

    You always call PP to check what address to return the item to. Never ever listen to the seller in this case. You would call PP and say "I am returning a bag on transaction xxxxx. Is 101 Smith St, Williamstown the correct address? They will confirm it for you.
  8. Yes, that's what I said.

    Hotshot, if I've said or done something to offend you, my apologies; I'm really not sure why you feel the need to be adversarial after nearly each post I make.

    Honestly, I appreciate everyone's input and value the members of tPF and this subforum greatly...but I truly feel that if you don't have something helpful to add, perhaps there's no need to continue replying.

  9. My post was not meant to be adversarial at all & you have not offended me

    There are various opinions when you present an issue & in this
    case my thoughts are that since your seller has received the bag back, relisted
    & your refund hasn't been processed why is the seller not communicating
    with you in a more timely manner & refunding you..

    If you don't mind waiting for your refund, that's ok with me!!
  10. Thanks hotshot. As far as why the seller isn't communicating/refunding quickly, who knows? A day or two doesn't make any difference to me, as long as I ultimately get the refund. And of course there will always be varied opinions on any issue, so I certainly don't want to give the impression that I don't appreciate all opinions. :smile:
  11. Oh, you sound like a wonderful buyer!
    The seller may indeed be getting the funds together to refund. You never know what is going on in someone else's life. :smile:
  12. If the seller is waiting on funds she should explain that to you. You are owed your refund as soon as the bag has been returned and confirmed to be in the same condition it was sent, IMHO. I understand that there can be hitches but they should be communicated.
  13. UPDATE:

    I politely emailed the seller yesterday, and she refunded me last night (without me having to contact eBay). There wasn't any further communication from her aside from the refund, so I don't know what the hold up was (if she even perceived there to be one!).

    So the bottom line is that everything is resolved--it was a small amount of hassle on my end, but not terrible--and I'm just glad it all went smoothly, for the most part.

    I'm considering leaving her a neutral, stating that the bag did not arrive in the condition described, but that I was refunded. Does that seem fair?