Advice needed--SNAD, partial, something else?

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  1. Your ideal scenario may be very different from your seller..

    You said you sent a note explaining the circumstances, keep your fingers
    crossed that your seller will graciously accept the return

    Good luck
  2. Of course it may; in fact I'm quite sure my seller's ideal scenario is not my ideal scenario...which I assume would have been me not noticing or caring about these issues. I'm just hoping she's reasonable. I was very respectful and factual in my note, explained the issues unemotionally, and asked for her to allow a return. For now, that's all I can do.

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  3. Oh man - that really is heartbreaking =(

    I went through a similar situation where a bag I was super duper excited about finding ended up being a dud. My exchange with the seller didn't go very smoothly but ultimately I was able to return for a refund.

    Crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly for you! I am sorry this one didn't work out - but it will make the next one that much sweeter when you do find it and it is a smooth transaction =) :heart:
  4. Is this Mogano? It's gorgeous aside from the flaws. Anyway, I think the advice given so far has been good. Those are obviously not veins and should have been noted in the description.
  5. Hi uadjit! It's Cigare Fonce...and yes, aside from the flaws it is absolutely stunning. STUNNING. I know I've said this repeatedly, but I am gutted over this. Just gutted.

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  6. Aw, I'm so sorry. :sad: Here's wishing another one in better condition comes your way!
  7. UPDATE:

    So the seller got back to me. There was a little pushback in her first response--she stuck to her guns about it being a vein vs. damage to the leather, and adamantly denied that the bag had been damaged in any way. She also implied that perhaps I just wasn't aware of the nature of Balenciaga leather (i.e. that it has natural variations).

    She did also state that she wasn't aware of the other two issues, and requested pictures, which I immediately uploaded. Soon after that, she replied with an offer to let me return for a refund.

    This is a big relief for me! Of course I will be sending the bag back tomorrow at my expense (securely packed in a box with insurance and signature confirmation).

    One other question, though--the address she provided to return the bag was not the same address it was sent from. I confirmed with her that there would be someone at the address she gave me to sign for the bag. So, this shouldn't be a problem, right?

    Thanks everyone.
  8. Did the response and shipping address come by way of the dispute? Or did she give it to your outside the dispute?

    I'd call ebay and/or Paypal, explain the situation and ask them which address you should send it to.
  9. Hi BB--so her offer to return/refund came to me via a message she sent me through the case in the resolution center. The shipping address she provided was in that message. I only noticed the discrepancy when I was looking at the return address on the padded envelope she sent the bag in.
  10. BB, I talked to eBay. The person I spoke to (who actually seemed interested and quite nice) said he could see all the notes back and forth and that eBay would hold the seller to the address she provided me--and that is the address I should ship to. He also reminded me to add delivery and signature confirmation (which I was planning to) and told me to keep an eye on tracking; if the refund didn't drop within 48 hours of it showing as delivered, he asked that I call him and he would help to get the refund processed.

    I know that often eBay CSR's just tell you what you want/need to hear--so does all of this sound legit to you?
  11. don't forget to insure the parcel fir the value of the bag!
  12. Glad to hear the seller will accept the return.
  13. Glad you will be sending the bag back.
  14. UPDATE:

    I shipped the bag back; it was delivered yesterday around noontime and signed for by the seller.

    She has already relisted the bag (of course there's no mention of any of the issues that I have talked about in this thread).

    I haven't seen the refund come through yet--how long do you all think it would seem fair to wait before contacting her? I'm not in any huge rush to get the money per se, but it irks me a little that she relisted while she still has my payment!

  15. To be frank, the seller should have refunded you already since she has re-listed the

    She has your money & the bag.. I'd be on the phone with ebay & provide
    shipping info & since the item has been received your refund should be
    processed promptly.

    Did you really expect the seller to change the descrption with the issues mentioned?