Advice needed--SNAD, partial, something else?

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2014
    Hi all,

    So the other day I posted this thread:

    The bag in question is a Balenciaga Velo. Eventually, the seller got back to me and said that it was a vein in the leather. I bid on the auction and won.

    The bag arrived today, and the mark on the bottom isn't a vein. It's not exactly a scratch, either. It almost looks like something sharp grazed the leather and cut through the very top layer. In addition to this, I also found a small cut in the leather (not all the way through, but deeper than the mark on the bottom) near one of the corners. Otherwise, the bag looks great (some expected corner wear, which I asked about).

    My dilemma is this--had I known about those two flaws, I'm not saying it would have a been a dealbreaker, but I wouldn't have wanted to pay as much as I did for the bag. The seller doesn't offer returns. So I guess (assuming I contacted her and she stood by the no returns policy) one option would be to file a SNAD. The other option would be to ask for a partial. I'm not a big fan of partials (on either the buyer or seller end, TBH) but I really feel that had these flaws been disclosed, it would have lowered the value of the bag (certainly it would have lowered what I'd have been willing to pay).

    Here are the 2 pictures (hopefully you can see the issues). EDITED TO ADD: I just took these photos myself, they were not in the listing.

    Thoughts/advice appreciated.

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  2. Are those photos you took yourself, or were they included in the listing? They clearly aren't veining and one is very clearly a cut in the leather.
  3. I just took these photos myself.
  4. In addition, I just found this, which is another break in the leather near the handle.

    I honestly can't even tell you how disappointed I am--I have been wanting this bag in this color for a long time :cry:

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  5. I'd file SNAD and ask to return for refund.

    The seller was dishonest, especially when you specifically asked about the problems. Even giving her the benefit of the doubt that she may not have noticed the flaw prior to your ASQ, once you brought it to her attention, she should have gone over the bag with a fine tooth comb and told you about everything.

    IMO, there's a big difference between an honest omission in the listing and purposely not describing it, but when a buyer asks a question, the seller can be sure that the item will be scrutinized. Did she not think you'd find those marks?
  6. Thanks, BB. I guess I was mulling over SNAD vs. partial because of how much I wanted this bag, even though in my heart I know this is genuinely SNAD. I know it's just a bag...but I am just crushed :sad:
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    I probably wouldn't bring up a partial refund with the seller. I would just mention the flaws, and that you wouldn't have paid quite so much had the actual condition been disclosed. Leave it up to the seller to either offer a partial refund or a return. If she doesn't offer anything, then agree with BB -- file a SNAD claim for a return.

    ETA: Did just look at the listing, and I think your picture actually makes it look better than hers does. I think that she should not have said it was a vein (it's clearly not), but you might have some trouble with SNAD because it's pictured in the listing.
  8. Thanks, IrisCole. This just happened, so I've only been thinking about it for the last half hour or so. The more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward just a refund, especially now that I've found that third issue. And I worry that the nature of these three issues--all are compromises to the integrity of the leather--might cause even more issues with this bag down the road.

    I was SO hoping that this would be an easy transaction, and I was so elated to have found this bag. I hate hassles (which seem to be par for the eBay course, more often than not these days) but I hate the idea of not having this bag even more.
  9. I know you're aware but there are lurkers who may not understand the reason we recommend against requesting partials.

    It has become a serious problem for sellers because buyers try to negotiate a lower price than they'd agreed to. (I know your reason is valid and the pictures show it.) Many buyers go over items with a virtual magnifying glass trying to find the tiniest flaws that weren't disclosed as a means to get the seller to issue a refund.

    So many sellers have opted to simply say, "return for refund."
  10. BB--you're right, of course--and those reasons are exactly why I'm not a fan of partials. I just opened a case and wrote the seller a very reasonable message requesting a refund. Hopefully she will be amenable.
  11. Did you contact the seller prior to opening a case?
  12. Have you contacted the seller about this? Before filing SNAD, I think you should give the seller a chance to make it right without the case.
  13. I think it automatically opened a case??....but I did tell her I wanted to work out a solution with her before anything else...I definitely don't want to be antagonistic here. Even though the listing/her response was deceptive, I'm not mad, just sad...

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  14. Well what is done is done already meaning that you should have given
    the seller an opportunity to work with you before opening a case.

    Your seller may not be receptive to a partial. She may just decide to
    ask you to return the bag or she may challenge the SNAD..

    I know it is disappointing but see what happens now.
  15. Thanks hotshot, I decided I don't want a partial. I would love to just return the bag without further involving eBay--that's my ideal scenario.

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