Advice Needed: Sizing for H Clic Clac

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  1. Hi all,

    I am planning to get my first H Clic Clac (actually the Noir-Noir Clic Clac), and not sure what size should I get?

    I've tried on before in the store the normal Clic Clac and found that:

    PM size: fits snugly at the wrist (not tight and does not move up and down the arm)
    GM size: fits loosely, feel more comfy but moves up and down the arm

    I'm a little confused on how this bracelet should fit. I have many other "bangles" that fits loosely and moves up and down my arm, but I'm not sure if the H Clic Clac are supposed to be like that? Or it's supposed to fit like a bracelet watch?

    Any advice from the TPFers is highly appreciated!!

  2. I wear the PM and it moves up and down my arm. That feels right to me.
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    I wear the PM in clic clacs and the GM in the regular enamels with no hardware opening (I have small wrists, but large hands). Above all else, I go for comfort. The PM clic clacs move around a little, but they do not move all over my arm if you KWIM? :smile:

    I like my regular enamels to move around my arm and "clic" together (DH tells me he can hear me a mile, but I like my clic clac to be somewhat stable (I always stack it with regular enamels). Does that make sense?

    It really is a matter of personal preference IMHO.
  4. I wear PM moves a little up and down my arm
  5. I have tiny wrists so the PM moves up and down my arm a few inches..

    I don't think they're meant to fit snugly like a watch but not too loose that they move around alot..

    Good luck deciding! The noir-noir is beautiful! I'm planning on getting one myself :biggrin:
  6. Perhaps this would be better if we knew what your wrists measure Angie43 ;)

    Mine measure 5.25 inches and this is a PM clic clac (with GM-sized enamels):

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  7. sorry OT but Ranang - that is a beautiful pic and that dog in your avatar is so cute - is it a doberman?
  8. ^^^
    She's an Italian Greyhound ;)
  9. Ranag,
    your clic clad and enamels are TDF!
    I just measured my wrist and the circumference of my wrist is 6.2 inches.. So I should wear a GM?
  10. A GM would probably look very nice and not be too tight.

    Perhaps someone that wears the GM's or has a wrist the same size as yours will chime in ;)
  11. I would go for GM.

    Ranag; your enamels are gorgeous, but your dog is TDF!!!
  12. I wear PM & it goes half way to my elbow & it's looser than I would like :-s I wish they had a TPM.
    Regular enamels seem to sit in my drawers unused - the go all the way to my elbow & it's annoying.
  13. I wear a PM and it's big enough that it moves up and down my wrist but doesn't rotate around, if that makes any sense!