Advice needed - Should I get a HH Nico?

  1. Hi, I am brand new here, and I would like some advice. I have the opportunity to get a Hayden Harnett Nico in Vintage Black. It's been barely used, and I could get it for $150 from a mom on another board. I love the look, and the price is fabulous. Here is my info and what I need to use it for: I'm 5'3" 105 with a short torso and long legs. I would want to use it as a mom/diaper bag. I know that it's large, would it look enormous on me? Also, I would probably use the interior for the baby's stuff, and the outside pockets for the few things that I need (wallet, keys, sunglasses, lipstick) and maybe a sippie cup/water bottle. I also read that the shoulder strap is rolled. I'm concerned that may not be terribly comfy, once I get all my stuff packed up. I also have a NR Sub, that holds everything I could possibly need, and while I like it, I'm not in love with it. I would love to be able to carry it without all the baby's stuff, and have it still look cool. :sWhat should I do?
  2. I love the Nico. It holds TONS of stuff without looking stuffed. It slouches really nicely. It's very comfortably to wear.
  3. Thanks:smile:
  4. while we're on the topic, does anyone know whether the nico or havana is better? I want one of them but I'm not sure what leather is better, etc.
  5. It's enormous, but I don't think it overwhelms. I love the outside pockets, they hold so much. Only a couple of complaints: the top zip flap is a little bit of a pain getting in and out of but it's manageable, and the rolled strap can dig if you load too much into it.

    ETA: I haven't felt the Havana IRL, but the leather on the Nico is the softest I've ever felt. I want to turn it into a blanket.
  6. I have the Nico in Amethyst and have loved it. I can also see how it would make an excellent diaper bag. I don't find the rolled strap to be bothersome, but agree with mockinglee that the zip flap isn't the most convenient feature.
  7. I've had both the Havana and the Nico, and I think they use the same yummy leather for both.

    The Nico is a freakin' huge bag, I am not kidding about this. It might make a good diaper bag though!
  8. I would totally recommend buying a HH no matter which one!! I just got my first HH..the triple strap satchel in persian rose and I am totally in love with it!! The leather is TDF!

    Post pics with what you decide on!! and welcome to TPF...warning: you will get hooked! ;)
  9. I have a nico in Ink and it's my favorite HH Bag, the leather is like butter. I'm small too 5'2 and I still love it, my dog can fit in the outside pockets she loves it too...:tup::tup::tup:
  10. I totally agree about the zip flap. That part can be a pain but it really is a nice bag. The leather is gorgeous!
  11. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a fan of HH. For me the zipper is a pain in the neck, and outweighs all other considerations about the bag. Look at the photos of the bag, and think about whether or not the zipper would be difficult for you to maneuver, given your lifestyle and your dexterity, before making your decision.
  12. I love my Nico, despite the fact that it's a complete monster to get into. It holds so much and is so practical. The leather is yummy and lightweight. It's one of my favorite big bags, though I don't admittedly carry it that much.
  13. Thanks so much for all the advice.:smile: I decided to go ahead and try out the nico. I'm hoping the zipper doesn't drive me too mad.:sweatdrop: Does it look weird to leave it flapped over, but unzipped?

    I figure I can keep most of my "need to get to quickly" stuff in the outside pockets (keys, small wallet,small toy, small digital camera). Then put the bulkier stuff for my son, that I don't use as often inside (his change of clothes, baby sling, extra toys, diapering kit)

    I tend to carry alot, but most of it I never even use. It always seems that when I don't carry the extra stuff, that's when I need it:rolleyes:
  14. I leave mine unzipped when I use it, flapping in the wind. It exposes the nice lining that way. You don't really have to worry about security, because there's no way you wouldn't notice someone lifting up the big ol' flaps and tassles to reach inside.