ADVICE NEEDED, selling on eBay

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  1. First off, I'd like to apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. Ok, now to the point. I bought a pair of used Louboutins off eBay, once I got them I decided not only do they not fit, but I am also not %100 in love with them. I decided to sell them on eBay and here is the listing:
    The winning bidder is now telling me she wants a full refund as the shoes are used, the heels are "not repairable" and that the front is discolored. She wanted to spend $300 on shoes that were "in good condition". I honestly think that I provided a decent description AND pictures, and I also said to ask any questions PRIOIR to bidding. I need advice! What would you ladies do? TIA
  2. I wouldn't give her a refund. Your picture clearly shows all the faults she's complaining about!
  3. I personally wouldnt want to refund asa you have described everything, however sadly ebay always side with the buyers now so if she opens up a case it is likely your screwed.

    You may want to also put this in the ebay sub forum the ladies are really good at stuff like this

    Good Luck xxx
  4. Ebay will make you refund if it was paid through paypal. They are terrible now for sellers, which is why I completely stopped selling on flea bay. Sad.
  5. I would not give a refound! It's clear that the shoe was used and ruined on the heels! Also, it's possible repair them! She can send or bring them to a cobbler! I have replaced the ones on my Belle 100 because I had ruined them!
  6. eBay will likely make you give her a refund.
  7. I would take the shoes back and re-sell them.
    She will pay for the return shipping and you will get your fees back.
    It happens sometimes.
    Fighting returns, imo is not worth the headache.
  8. Agree! PayPal will side with the buyer.
  9. Personally I would not give in to her if you don't want to take them back. Ebay/PP have been known to side with the seller.
  10. OP I think that your listing was accurate and that your buyer should not be getting s refund. Ebay/PP are known to side with the buyer BUT not always. Claims can be a PIA but it may be worth a shot. I've never been involved with a SNAD case where all flaws were written BOTH in the listing and shown in the pics, it may be hard for the buyer to prove SNAD in that sense. It seems more like buyers remorse to me. Sorry this is happening to you :cry: Let us know how you make out.
  11. I agree, the pictures show the damage. If she files a case however, its likely that ebay/paypal will side with her. It may be better in the long run to have her return them. If she files a case and you fight it (the damage is very clear, so if you called paypal and spoke to someone directly and point this out, you may have a shot) but you will most likely get a negative, a ding on your stars and have to deal with an upset buyer. She may even file a chargeback if she paid with a credit card...just another hassle for you to go through. The quickest and easiest way to resolve this would be to take them back. You described the shoes correctly and are not at fault but this happens sometime with buyers. I would take them back and relist and be done with it.
  12. The problem is that a determined buyer will get their refund even if eBay or Paypal finds in favor of the seller by filing for a chargeback through their credit card issuer.

    The dangerous angle of letting it get to that point is the credit card issuer doesn't insist the item be returned prior to issuing the credit so you could get stuck for the money and the shoes.
  13. So she has already made a claim against me.. I'm fighting back. This is just wrong! However, I really don't want to ruin my 100% positive feedback with ebay. If I refund her, can she still post negative feedback?

  14. Agree here.. even though your description is clear, this buyer will
    likely win the case & you could go for it, but as pointed out
    you may likely get a negative, have your stars dinged & the buyer
    likely to do the chargeback thru her cc..

    Its the principle for sure but the aggravation outweighs what you will
    have to deal with in the end...

  15. I believe so because the transaction has taken place but you can
    also respond to it..

    Just do what you think is best for you and by the way when buyers
    look at your feedback, see how long you have been selling think they
    take into consideration a negative that would be seen and what the
    circumstances are