Advice Needed! Sell my Verona MM to buy a pre-owned Trevi PM?

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  1. #1 Aug 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2011
    I am thinking of selling my Verona MM to fund my purchase of a pre-owned trevi pm. I got the Verona brand new from the store last year and is in very good condition so I know I could sell it for a good price however I do not want to add any more money for purchasing a brand new Trevi PM. what do you guys think?

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  2. I own both bags and prefer the verona...but, they are both fab...hate to sell and lose money..GL
  3. I love the Verona MM, - the Trevi is pretty, but heavy!
  4. What do you hope to gain by selling the Verona and buying the Trevi? IOW, what is your end goal? :smile:
  5. The trevi has more ways of carrying it - I'd go with that one!
  6. I would get the Trevi!
  7. I prefer the Verona. I would save up and get the Trevi too
  8. I'd get the Trevi -- love it!
  9. What is it about your Verona that is making you want to sell?
  10. I'd get the trevi, but I think it is more expensive than the verona, is it not?
  11. +1 for the trevi
  12. i wouldn't go for the pre own trevi if you have the verona. its super heavy and the verona is great and you bought it yourself. if you really have your heart set on the verona like its your dream come true and you don't care about money then sell it
  13. I like the Verona better -- seems easier to dress up and down. For some reason to me, the Trevi seems like a more formal bag...
  14. I'd get the Trevi
  15. I like the Trevi better... but why did you choose the Verona over the Trevi in the first place?