Advice needed - returned shipment

  1. I sold a pair of shoes about a month ago, buyer paid immediately and I shipped the item with USPS signature confirmation. Buyer was not available to sign for the package upon delivery, so it went back to the post office and the buyer received 3 separate notices to pick up the package. Buyer never picked up the package and now it was returned to me!

    I emailed the buyer to clear up the situation, but have not heard anything back and it's been a few days!

    My question is, what are the rules for a situation like this? Buyer did pay for the item, so she is entitled to it, and I don't want to get in trouble for keeping and/or re-selling the item. Any advice? TIA!

  2. That is odd. I'd wait longer before relisting. If you do relist I would refund the $$. I wouldn't feel right keeping it if it were me. Hope the buyer is OK.......
  3. Yep, I would refund money minus shipping charges, and if she wants you to ship the shoes back to her she would need to pay to have them re-shipped.