Advice needed! Received my new bag but..

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  1. I just received my new GST that I purchased from an out of state Chanel boutique and I notice that the security tag still attached!!

    I emailed the SA but i havent heard back, I dont really want to send it back (esp if i have to pay shipping myself) but there is no local Chanel boutique. I dont know what to do, any advice? :sad:
  2. If they've left the security tag on then they should pay for any shipping costs, what a pain
    because I would imagine you really want to start using your new bag, I got my GST 3 weeks ago & love it, what colour did you get?
  3. i was looking forward to use it this weekend, but I guess it's not going to happen now..
    I got a black one with GH, did you get the same one??
  4. Yes I got exactly the same, I love it, it's my first Chanel bag but now I've got the Chanel bug, I've added a WOC & desperatly want a Jumbo classic flap but going to have to wait for that, is the GST your first?
  5. What kind of sensor is it? Maybe you can bring it to a local store (maybe try a department store), tell them what happened, show them your receipt, and they can take it out? If it isn't a sensor unique to Chanel, other stores should have the tools to remove it as well.

    I hate when that happens though, I hope the SA gets back to you soon. If you do have to ship it out and have it sent back, you shouldn't have to pay any shipping so argue your case to have the SA send you a label or comp shipping.
  6. the security tag looks like this one:

    i dont think it's unique to Chanel, but I am not too sure. I might try bringing it to other store, but the thing is the SA also didnt send me a receipt. I hope the SA get back to me soon :sad:

    @designerdiva40 It's not my 1st chanel, I already have a medium flap and ITB flap. Like you, I also caught the Chanel bug, I am currently hunting for the beige jumbo flap, not sure if I can get it. Wish me luck :graucho:
  7. ^You could just cut it off by using a pair of cutting pliers?
  8. I really hate unattentive SA or shipping department in the case of departmental store to left the security tag there! Try go to other boutiques or wherever shops near you that has this security tag and try and ask them to cut off if possible
  9. I agree. How annoying!!!!
  10. I've had that happened to me several times before. Once I just use a wire cutter to cut off the tag, the other time (another type of security tag) I had to have someone hammer it off for me because it was metal rather than wire. Both times SA offered to pick up the bag from my house, free of charge, and ship it back to their store to remove the tag. You shouldn't be responsible for shipping when it is their fault.

  11. ^i agree with bluekit. I've had that happen to me and my DH just snipped it off. I think in your case though you need to clear it wih your SA first because you already alerted him/her that you received it with the tag, which is still store property. But if they do ask you to return, I would argue for free shipping exactly for the same reason bluekit posted. Good luck!
  12. Oh what a pain, sorry to hear that. I purchase several bags from out of state and they forget to include the receipt and sometimes the tags are missing also.
  13. Omg that means it was a display bag. Have them pay for it to be returned and demand a new one that has not been on display.
  14. since it's not attached to the bag, just cut it
  15. Don't cut it! Don't some security tags have ink in them? I wouldn't chance it. That's so horrible! :hugs: Maybe they could call a Chanel counter at one of your local dept stores and have them remove it? good luck