Advice needed RE selling multiple designer bags


Nov 30, 2006
So, I bought 4 Fendi B bags at Barney's the other day with a plan to sell 3 of them, hopefully netting enough from the sales to keep the fourth for myself. Anyway, I have 2 listed so far, and no signs yet of them being flagged (they are of course authentic). I only sell sporadically, when I find a good deal on something I think I can resell, or when I need to get rid of stuff around the apartment. I haven't sold anything in a number of months.

So, basically the question is, if I list the third now (listed one last night and one this afternoon, they are still running), am I really increasing my risk of my auctions getting pulled? I know these bags are authentic, and I think the pictures show that, but the horror stories I have read on here tell me that that may not be enough to save my auctions.

Thanks for your advice.


Oct 8, 2006
I Listed Two Fendi B Bags And It Took Forever For Them To Sell. I Noticed That The B Bags Were Not Selling. I Auctully Ended Up Taking A Loss Just To Get Rid Of Them Cause It Was Pass The Time To Return And I Think Returning Is Uneithical. I Usally Do Researh Before I Buy A Bag To See If It Is Doing Good On Ebay.