Advice needed re: PP and refund to buyer

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm trying to figure out how this works but I can't! I called PP and they said that since it's a Ebay case to email them (no phone here). I haven't received a reply from them yet.

    To make it short:

    1- buyer purchased item
    2- I withdrew/used those funds so PP acount balance was 0$
    3 - buyer filed case with Ebay
    4 - PP went negative
    5 - I agreed to refund buyer upon receiving the item back
    6 - I put money from my card to bring PP balance to 0$ again
    7 - I even received a payment so it's now positive (not enough to cover original payment)

    The fact is that I cannot see the blocked founds anymore?
    In the Ebay case page there's a button "ISSUE A REFUND", does that mean that they'll use the founds they blocked in the first place or I have to have them on my PP account? <--- in this case does it mean that I have to put on my PP double the original transaction amount ($ to cover the negative + $ to refund the buyer?)

    Thank you!!!
  2. They will use the held (blocked) funds for the refund.

    The funds are now in escrow and once you hit the "issue a refund" the funds will be released to the buyer.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you!
  4. But don't refund until you have the item back and have checked it!
  5. Yes, thank you! I'll make sure it arrives back in the same conditions I shipped it out.
    Buyer sent it via Priority Mail Express International, tracking is EK------US, is this safe? Do you have any idea how much will it take to receive it?
  6. US to UK is generally under a week but not sure about mainland Europe. You should be able to track it on USPS website.
  7. Thank you for your reply.
    The item has been released by our customs today so I guess it's now in transit to me.
    In the meanwhile the funds re-appeared in my PP account and they aren't even on hold.
  8. The hold does fall off after 5 days if the customer doesn't escalate the case. Ebay treats it like any other charge "hold.".
  9. ^Thank you for your reply.

    I received the package today and there's $$$ to pay as Customs fees.
    I'm really pissed about this as I asked the buyer to mark it as return to sender. I wrote her again asking to confirm me she did it.
    I contacted the postal service as well and they won't help me, they said those fees are due. It's almost impossible to contact the Customs office.

    What I should do now? I'm already out of shipping, now I have to pay those fees and still giving the buyer (who has been a PITA from the very beginning) a full refund?
  10. Had this happen many years ago so can only advise on what I did in the UK. Not sure what you will have to do for your country.

    I rang customs (number was on the charge form on the parcel) and explained buyer had not marked the item as a return even though it was. They said I should pay the fee to have the parcel released to me and then send to their office:
    * the original sale page
    * the proof of payment from buyer (paypal)
    * proof of postage to buyer's address
    * the customs invoice detailing the charges
    * proof of refund to buyer
    Sent it all off and a little while later I got a cheque in the post for the import fees I had paid. A faff but better than being £150 out of pocket in import charges!

    The buyer is entitled to a full refund. They can't be responsible for the import regulations of your country of residence. Even if they'd marked it as a return it could have been incorrectly charged anyway!
  11. Thank you the advice. Cusoms here rarely picks up the phone but I will try. I'm picking up the package tomorrow morning.