Advice Needed re LV Shopping in Paris

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  1. Hello, ladies. I am going to Europe in late May/early June, and intend to buy a new LV in Paris. My issue is that my husband and I will depart France by train for England, and then go back to the US from there. That means that I can't request a VAT refund at the airport, since I will be departing from a different country than I purchased the bag in. The internet tells me that some stores use Global Refund or something equivalent that I can use instead. Do any of you know if LV does this? Alternatively, I can buy the bag in Britain, but it looks to be more expensive than if I get it in France.

    Any advice is appreciated! TIA!
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    Hi There
    Buy the bag in France and they will fill out the necessary paperwork. They use Global Blue and that is what paperwork will be. You can then handle the VAT refund process when you depart from the UK airport. Their will be a Global Blue kiosk. The form is still processed with the details from your France purchase. I have done this a couple of times with no issues from both Heathrow and Dublin airports when I have bought my bags in France, Spain or Portugal. Make sure you have your passport when you make your purchase in Paris. Keep the bag with you in carry on as they may ask to see it in the UK airport. And be sure to take a photo of the form before you give it to them so you can track the process of the refund if you opt for a refund by credit card. Hope that helps.
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  3. Thank you! VERY helpful!

  4. You can also get cash refund at the airport if you do not want to wait for the refund on your credit card just have to remember to submit the global form or else they will add back the VAT to your credit card :smile:

    I've forgotten to mail the form at the airport before and ended up mailing at home. They still accepted it but as the other poster stated just keep a copy of what you're submitting for tracking purposes.
  5. If you shop at the Galeries Lafayette near the Opera, they will do all of the tax stuff there for you. I had a pleasant experience recently although they did not have everything in stock that I was looking for.
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  6. Do you know about how long the credit card refund takes? It's been 4 weeks since I submitted/mailed the stamped paperwork at Heathrow (bought my bag in Paris). Thanks!
  7. My card refund took about 3 weeks. I did both cash back and card refund. You should be able to track your card refund through Global Blue. They're suppose to give a copy for you to hold on to.
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