advice needed re: lawsuit

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  1. hey guys!

    i have a question and i figured you guys would be the perfect people to ask:

    nearly five years ago, i shattered my ankle and broke my leg on canada post property... i sued and now, almost five years later, we've settled.

    my question is: i signed the release and faxed it (and mailed the original) back on the 5th of december.

    how much longer should this take before i have the funds in my hands? my lawyer promised me the money by december 20th... was that an unreasonable promise?

    i REALLY want this over before christmas because this has put not only myself but my family and even my friends and employer through the wringer. i would like to spend my first christmas in over four and a half years without worrying. there's so much resting on this money and i'm just so frustrated and angry at the world right now.

    any advice/help would be appreciated. i've already e-mailed my lawyer's assistant to ask what the holdup was, but who knows when i'll actually get an answer.

    thanks for letting me vent, guys. i really appreciate it!
  2. i know often the hold up on the money is waiting for the settlement check to clear in the lawyers account before they can issue you your check minus their fees