Advice needed quickly!-Western union money transfer?

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  1. Hi all,
    I have just sold a bag on eBay and now the buyer has emailed me saying that they are ouit of the country and can they pay by western union.
    Can anyone here give me some info on this? I don't know how this service works and would be grateful from anyone who can give some advice.
    Thanks all. :heart:
  2. CHloe Starlet

    Oh gosh - I don;t know how it works but heard a huge amount of horror stories. Is your buyer out of the UK then?

    Also whats her feedback like? I always take everything into consideration
  3. You could always email back and tell them you'll wait until they're back off holiday, just see what the reaction is.
  4. where are they located? and what is their feedback like? you can check them out on as well.

    I have done Western Union - it is rather unsafe for the buyer rather than you - if you send the bag via registered mail you have proof that you did send it. Western union is a cash transfer service so they send you money and you can find western union places (where to pick up the money) on their website. actually it is quite easy, they just have to give you the details of the transaction, you go to that place and you need info from seller like their name etc plus your id, then you get the money. I would not agree to any online transfers because there is the danger of credit card fraud/chargeback. This way, you just get the money paid out in cash and you are done - no danger to lose it. actually it is more on them to worry.
  5. I think this is forbidden by eBay policies. You may want to search for Western Union money transfer under the help tab. GL!
  6. WU is forbidden by eBay because it don't give protection to the "buyers" not the sellers.
    it's very safe for the sellers to receive payment through WU.
    i've done this several times before.

    the buyer just have to send a certain amount of money to you, she'll be needing your name and address from your ID (as when you get the money, they'll be checking your ID info).
    she'll pay all the fees.
    and the minute the transaction's done, she'll receive a money transfer number that she will give to you.
    after that, you can go straight to the WU representatives nearest you, fill the form with info and the number, VOILA, you got your payment in CASH!

    it's soooo easy and fast!
  7. I've used it in the past for personal use. It's safe for sellers, I can't think of any scams they could pull. Now fake wu paper money orders are another matter. Tons of places handle WU too, my local gas station prints out the paper WU and I bring it to my bank and they cash it.
  8. That makes no sense. Where they originally paying via PayPal? If so, you can use PayPal no matter where you are! Just log on and pay.

    I personally would NOT accept it. Tell them either to pay by the original terms set or wait until they are back home.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. I have received several Western Union payments and all have been very successful. I think the scam is when you receive a WU payment in the mail. On the occasions I have taken WU the buyer has provided me with a transaction number. You take your ID that transaction number and the buyer's name and address to the WU office and pick up the check or money as they cash it for free right there on the spot. Western Union are everywhere, supermarkets, gas stations, etc.
    No Paypal fees!
  10. Thanks everyone. I feel like this story is going to have an unhappy ending. :crybaby:
    Firstly, the buyer had emailed me during the auction to ask if she can pay by credit card and of course I said 'No', I stated quite clearly on my listing that I only accept cheques or postal orders and that I do not ship outside of the U.K and so when the auction ended and I discovered the winning bidder was the same person who had requested to pay by credit card then I was very un happy.
    I got an email form her saying that she 'will be in London' in the next week or so and can she pay then? Then she asked if she can pay via western union as it will be quicker. She only has 8 feedback.
    I now just want an end to this and dont know whether to offer the bag as a second chance offer or something. I am so frustrated by this and just wish that buyers would read the listing properly before bidding.
  11. If she can't agree to your terms and pay within ebay's stated times, then I'd go for a second chance offer. You won't be in the wrong so long as you wait (I think it's) 10 days.
    Yours was the patent betty wasn't it? I soooo wanted that :heart: (I'm not the second chancer by the way!)
  12. I agree to cut the ties with the current buyer now. And go the 2nd chance offer route.

    Good luck! Keep us updated!
  13. Relist CS. You had a lot of great interest in that bag and I know it will sell quickly again to someone who reads and understands your terms.

    Sorry for the hassles you are having
  14. Thanks everyone for your help. I have not heard anything from the buyer since and so I will offer it as a second chance offer.
    It is so frustrating as if I was one of the losing bidders who are now recieving a second chance offer I have to admit that I would be slightly suspicious. If they do not want it then I may consider re-listing it.
    Think I may have to make my auction more stricter. I mean, if you know you are not going to be in the Country to make payment, isn't it slightly cheeky to expect the seller to just hold onto the bag until you are ready to buy it?!
  15. If you expect to sell to her, ask her to send you Western Union in GBP, not the other currencies coz if she send you another currency, Western Union will convert it so unfair and you'll receive less than the win amount.
    It's safe for seller but not for buyer since Western Union has no protect system.