Advice needed - purse style

  1. I just opened my box from AR and saw and felt the Purse style for the first time. I have a day and it is really comfortable to wear - crazy about it. I thot for my second Bbag, I would get a different style - something like the classic bbag look. Since I knew I would wear it over my shoulder, I ruled out the city and first. From what the SA said and from what I had read in this forum, it seemed the right choice. It is a bit snug on my shoulders. It actually feels a little better with stuff in it since it pulls down with the weight.

    I was so set to love this bag, like I love my other, and I am having second thoughts. The leather is perfect - just the right amount of smooth and distress for me. For those of you experienced bbagers, do the handles stretch with wear? Enought to make a difference? So really the question is the style. Help?
  2. I thought I would love the purse style and tried it earlier this summer but found the shape didn't look and feel right on me and ended up exchanging it for a city. I'm not sure how much the handles will stretch but I don't think it would ever be as comfortable as a day bag. If you really love the day style more, I say go with that. I will make a plug for the city though, which I find to be comfortable to wear over the shoulder with the strap.
  3. On the city, do the short straps hang down and get in the way? I thot I would like the cleaner look. I also kept reading that this style will be discontinued soon.

    These are my additional issues: I hate to return stuff (but usually it is not for something over $1000) and I thot I would be branching out by getting a different style, but I see that in this forum, everyone has the same exact bag in many different colors. I thot I would get tired of it. I change out my bag almost every day. (I am carrying it around the house with all the tags to see if it is comfortable!)
  4. The handles like all the balenciaga's definitely stretches out.
    What I normally do if I want to loosen up the straps is load up the bag and hang it on a door knob. It is definitely easier to prop it on the shoulders after a good stretching. Give it a try.
  5. Great advice - I'm really wanting to like this one. This is such a great place - thank you.
  6. I stretched my handles by putting a light dumbell (5lb) in the bag. I put something sturdy in the bottom of the bag first so the bottom would not sag. It worked great.
  7. I know experienced pfer Beverly stretches hers, but more for the slouchy look. She got a new Rouge City and lightly applied Cetephil lotion then put a heavy book inside the bag and hung it buy the handles. Good luck!
  8. The Purse style is my favorite after the City. I have an Ink and a Magenta one coming ...yippee!
  9. my eggplant purse's handle stretches quite obvious. you can search the pics on the threads.
  10. I love the purse style too. Good choice!
  11. I've found a little lack of consistency with the amount of room that the handles allow. I think if you're not loving it, you might want to exchange it for something you WILL love. IMO the bag sits too high up to be a really good shoulder bag. To me, the aesthetics do not complement the body in terms of form. I think it works better as a forearm bag. But some others do like it, so it's really a question of what works for you.
  12. if you dont love it, def return it. as for me, the handle in my purse fits comfortable, even a touch big... but i am very small with small arms.
  13. I have a Purse and I LOVE it. Yes, the handles do stretch a bit with wear. I find it sits comfortably on my shoulder. If you are having second thoughts and still want a shoulder bag I suggest a Day. I also have a Day bag and it is another grrrrrrreat option.
  14. I also have a Purse and I adore it! It is very comfortable on the shoulder and wears very nicely with dressier clothes.
  15. I stretched my handles over night and carried it all day and really am liking it. Thank you all for your input. It's like having a group of friends with great advice!