Advice needed - purchasing safe to store goodies

  1. So I finally came up with a nice and practical present for DH and me! I'd like to get a small home safe to store important documents (passports, mortgage papers, marriage certificate) as well as the bling. :tup:

    Looking online, there are so many options! I'm definitely requiring one that's fire-safe, but there are all these other parameters:

    hidden hinges
    electronic lock/combo lock/key override
    flood safe
    cubic size

    Any advice or insight you could provide would be wonderful! Even if you've had a bad experience with a certain brand or type of safe, I would appreciate the input! Thank you so much!
  2. i know the large freestanding ones can be set in concrete so they can't be picked up and taken away. but then it stays with the house. i have 2 safety deposit boxes at our bank instead - one for papers and one for jewelry. entry is done by electronic handprint so no need to have a bank officer accompany me all the time.
  3. check first with your insurer what safes they accept /require my safes were done by stockinger and i am more then happy with them as it is not only highest safetyclass but also looking good so that it is no eyesore in the dressing room i highly recommend them
  4. Have you looked into the Fort Knox safes? They come in various sizes and are decent looking.