advice needed please

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  1. hey everyone
    so I bought this paraty bag thats missing the metal part of the handle... was thinking it would be easy to find but I just can't find any..
    I need your advice and help please

    I really appreciate it

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  2. What a weird thing to be missing. Have you contacted Chloe? They might give you the piece. How does it attach? Would a d ring work? Are they all missing? Can you take a picture of one of the others?
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  3. thanks for your response
    was thinking about contacting them but I have not
    only one is missing so I was thinking id remove the whole thing or a better option was to find a new piece

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  4. sorry forgot to click on reply
  5. Hi. Are you sure it's authentic? I don't remember Chloe doing embossed python but I can be wrong.
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  6. Measure it and look up D rings on eBay - I’m sure you can find one.

    I’d also authenticate it. I admit, that was my first thought too.
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  7. those were the pics from the seller
    I just got it now but immediately asked for a return ...even the leather started to be so powdery and the way it was made with all stitching looked so cheap
    I think I got deceived by the seller posting pics of celebrities with the same python bag
    I also contacted Chloe they were trying to help me with the lost metal piece

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  8. sorry forgot to hit the reply button again
  9. Has the seller responded to you? Real python definitely doesn't look like that.
  10. she did ...she keeps on saying that its real snake skin and and she was so honest and was upset when I reported the bag as not authentic on posh mark...
    waiting for posh mark to say sth !! ;((
  11. Poshmark will most likely take your side. They tend to side with buyers. (I've had some problems with sellers with poshmark recently)
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  12. thanks for your help..really appreciate it...ill let you know when I get their final decision
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