Advice needed please

  1. Hi - I was lucky enough to be put on the list for a 35cm birkin.:wlae:

    I would ideally like red and was offered the choice of rouge H in swift (gold hardware) or rouge garrance in clemence (palladium hardware).

    Now I really want gold hardware but am not sure I can do swift.

    I am not fussy about the type of red - I just want some advice on which to choose. :smile:
  2. I personally LOVE Palladium hardware and I think it looks stunning with the red. The Clemence is super-sturdy leather from what I hear though I'm no expert-- that's the one I'd go with!
  3. Congratulations! Between the two, I vote for Rouge Garance in Clemence. It's a red that I find hard to get tired of.
  4. call me fussy, but i don't believe we should compromise on these purchases -- at least as far as things we feel strongly about. so if you really don't want swift and you really do want gold hardware, i would have a heart-to-heart with your SA along these lines:

    oh, SA, i don't know what to do -- i'm leaning toward the swift because i adore gold hardware, but i just don't love that leather. and i'm sure these are both somebody's dream bags -- do you think i should let them go to those ladies and wait for gold hardware in a different leather?
  5. excellent advice from our dq. and also what kind of red do you want a vibrant lipstick or a brownish muted one (rouge h in swift is browenish) these bags are too expensive to compromise and i have afeeling you won´t be satified with either bag available.
  6. But we don't know where mawsey is located and it can be very hard, especially in Asia to ask for the exact exact combo that will make our hearts flutter. Colour of hardware is usually the easiest aspect to compromise.

    mawsey, the fact that you are told of these 2 options mean that these are the orders that have been confirmed by Paris and your store would be receiving them in the near future. If you do give up on these 2, it will mean that you will have to wait longer i.e. your SA taking *your* request, and order it at the Feb podium. If you are adament about getting a nice red with GHW, then this is perfect the best route to take.

    But back to your 2 options, I feel Rouge H Swift with GHW is perfect for its deep redness, whereas Rouge Garance is better with PHW.
  7. thanks for your input mrssparkles, lilach, dressage queen and razor.

    I have been waiting forever to get on the list and feel I may not get another chance if I turn this down.

    I'll ponder some more - I do love the rouge garrance colour maybe the hardware won't matter so much?
  8. our lovely mrs is right . but in the end it alsways about taste while i generally agre with her that rouge h swift gold hdw looks fab i only like rouge garrance with palladium in clemence in togo i much prefer gold as togo takes the dye in a more yellowish softer way.
    see variety and different tastes are the spice in life
  9. How about checking out the Colour reference threads in H reference section to see if you like what you see about Rouge Garance. I have a Rouge Garance Clemence in a JPG Shoulder Birkin, and it's with PHW. See if you like the combo?

    lilach :heart:, very recently I had a wake up call. I have been too spoilt in asking for combos that I want. In fact, a few of my friends have also been very fortunate in placing orders for the bags that they want (however long the wait is, is another thing altogether). But for 95% of our store's customers, it's not like that. In fact, the SAs can get annoyed. As it is, demand is like 10x more than supply. Most customers are rather clueless. It's common place to hear customers asking for a red bag or a blue bag, with no understanding about the various shades of reds or blues, or the types of leather, let alone hardware.
  10. yes sooo true while knowledge is bliss it sure is a pain sometimes as you know exactly what you want and nothing else would do.but actually my sa´s always tell me they looove talking to educated customers as they love to talk skins and color.
    and you won´t believe it i once approached a lady around the time when rg was new and i asked her "fantastic birkin do you mind telling me is it rouge garrrance in togo" she just looked at me like this :weird: and answered " don´t you see it is RED and not togo it is LEATHER" :roflmfao:
    but you are right we can consider oursefes lucky to be picky it is not the norm and also i do understand the situation in asia so sometimes one is better off with not beeing to picky or evetually to go via resellers if it unlikely to get what you want drom the boutique. saad but true
  11. Oh my...that is just appalling!! I am so glad you have/had a sense of humor about it!! Yikes, that story makes me cringe...

    All good points above; I would go with the rouge garance bag. I don't trust swift. Yet.
  12. I totally adore rouge garance in Clemence with Pall/h, whereas I've been dissapointed by Swift, so I would definately choose the first, in fact I already have, since I have a RG Clemence Birkin with pall/H:nuts: (but that's JMHO)
  13. in which way if i may ask :smile:
  14. i myself prefer rouge garrance in clemence with either ghw or phw! i love rouge garrance and the grainy leather for birkins. i think japster has a rouge garrance clemence with phw birkin posted on the birkins thread in the reference section. here it is (just scroll down):

    but it's totally up to you. once you see the bags in real life, i think you'll know! it's so hard to decide even with the thin swatches in the leatherbook.
  15. I love rouge h in swift and that is what I have for my 30 Lindy but I am not sure about this leather for a Birkin or Kelly. Swift is great for smaller bags, that's just how I feel about it.

    I vote for Rouge Garrance in Clemence with PH. As MrsS said, the hardware is small enough where I'm not too concerned with it but leather type and color are quite BIG issues for me to have to deal with daily if I don't like it as much. Hardware I can pretty much give and take, but not leather and color.