Advice Needed Please...too many bags stressing me out!

  1. So after I sold MANY of my older bags on eBay the past couple of months, I purchased quite a few Coach bags during PCE and 2 Louis Vuitton bags. I have come to the realization that I do have a problem...due to several reasons:

    1. I am in search of my next bag when I have not even used several of the ones I already have!

    2. When I find a bag I love, I am not able to purchase it in one color. I purchase it in a couple or several. I don't know how to choose or prioritize.

    3. I feel like I spend so much energy on finding the next most beautiful bag but I then tend to wear one bag for weeks at a time! I am so busy..I go to work so early that I barely have time to coordinate my outfit - forget switching bags..

    4. I should be caring for my bags in a much better way.They are all, more or less, stuffed in my closet. I don't have a huge closet so I don't know how to organize.

    How do you choose your bags? How do you pick to get the pond instead of the whiskey when you love both equally? How do you control yourself when PCE comes around? Right now, the only bags that I would love to get in the next pce is the chocalate signature slim flap ali and the walnut gigi. How do I control my purchase to only get those? Some of my bags still have tags too...Am I the only one who is in this situation? How do I change this? Do I take ALL of my bags out to decide which I truly love...Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I don't really have this problem because I only buy what I can afford, which right now is one bag at a time once or twice a year. But it does seem like after I buy a bag, there is always something I like better. But I just think it would be such a waste to have all these beautiful bags that get no use. The last Coach I purchased was in April or May, and I have carried it everyday since then. For me, after I get a new purse I don't use my old ones very often so I like to use it for a long time after I buy it. I know none of this probably helps you, just thought I'd share my thoughts. :smile:
  3. Hmmm... I really wish I could help you here, but I'm not in that situation... I love bags very much, but not bag obsessed. The only reason I don't wear all the bags I have is because I rarely go out. *lol* I'm too much of a homebody for me to take them out on a regular basis. So when I do go out, I plan it where I can coordinate it with my outfit.

    As far as the color thing goes, maybe you can think about what colors you already have and avoid getting those (or close to those) in the future? Or maybe not have more than two different bag styles in the same color? So taking that example of the pool and whiskey, if you already have a bag in whiskey, go for the pool. Or maybe if you purchase several colors in one style, take them home and really think about which ONE goes best with the most of your outfits and return the rest?

    As far as coordinating outfit to bag, maybe you can prep the night before. I'm sure it'd only take 5 minutes to choose what you're going to wear the next day, and transfer your belongings from the previoius bag to the coordinating bag. I don't know how long it takes for you to "find what to wear" or anything, but I would assume it wouldn't take that long. Or maybe if you don't have time during the weekdays, you can take a little time on the weekend to coordinate your whole week's outfits to your whole week's bags. Depending on what kind of room you have in the closet, you could hang your week's worth of outfits and hang the bag right with it.

    And as far as only purchasing the two items you mentioned, if you're going to a store to buy them maybe you can just take cash. Take the estimated or exact amount of how much it'd cost to get those two things. Leave the debit and credit cards at home. Then there's no way you can get MORE. If it's a phone order, I don't know. *lol*

    I dunno... Just suggestions. Don't know if they'd help ya or not. :s
  4. Take all your bags out of there hiding spots and place them all together on a bed. Then sort them in rows by color and in size order. Take a picture then remove your least favorite bags and sell them. Keep doing this until you only have bags you absolutely love and will wear. Then with the money buy what you are lacking in size or color to match your wardrobe and compliment your skin coloring. I did this and now I have a real neat closet with only bags I love. It feels so good.
  5. This is great advice. Like Tim Gunn says, if you don't absolutely love it, sell it or give it away.

    As for how to pick just one bag when I love them all? It's called a credit limit- LOL! But I do try to first make sure that I have one bag in all the basic colors- black, lt. brown, dk. brown and navy. Then if the money is available, I get some fun stuff, but always try to pay with cash and decide before you go exactly how much you are going to spend.

    Good luck!
  6. I tend to buy bags that are mostly one color--brown!--so I have to remind myself when I'm looking for yet another brown bag if I need it. I've gone through being a bit overwhelmed by stuff in the past--I find that having 4 or so bags is about right for me--plus a large tote and a swingpack--and that works really well. More than that starts to stress me out.

    Taking ALL your bags out and figuring out which ones you'd really use on a regular basis can really help. Take the duplicates and return them if they still have the tags or sell them on eBay.

    I'm now following the one in/one out rule...I can't have another bag until one is sold on eBay or given away. It's kind of a hassle to do this too much, so this makes me really think about my purchases more, too!

    Good luck!
  7. I can get that way too! I end up collecting too many bags, don't use them, sell them off, buy more bags and so on. It has taken me forever but I finally have found the bag that I love, the legacy slim flap, so it's hard not to want it in every single color available! So, I am exercising self control and am keeping my collection to 10 bags. If I get one, I sell one. So far it's worked.