Advice Needed Please! For Once Claudia Is Confused

  1. Girls...there is a killer Chanel bracelet i bid on in eBay. Thing is, another listing came along for same bracelet and in it, logo (the tiny one) is in a different place and there are 5 links instead of the 4...(Its the bracelet from '06 Cruise with the large enameled camellia in middle and dark silver metallic links..................also the seller i am dealing with said he has 2 up for sale........omg, he has a good rep, i checked him out on tPF....and there were 2 opinions here and both were good..............but why the discrepancy in # of links as well as tiny logo? in his logo is in the exact middle of the bracelet, in the second one it is on end of farthest link........
    bracelet retailed for $795...his is $379 and other one is $490 with a buy it now in the 6's

    Mods if this is inappropriate place to post this i apologize and please move it if you see fit thanks :yes:
  2. hmm, I don't know?
    Could you just post both in Authenticate This! for our lovely experts to check out?
  3. yes Swanky i shall thanx :heart: