Advice Needed please [emoji164]

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  1. I received my totally pm in mono today and while I like it a lot I don't love it!

    I also had my eye on the delightful pm in mono with the pink lining as well but I have the delightful in Azur with the dark pink lining and I love it. It's so cute!

    I bought the totally because it's going to be discontinued. Help, any ideas??

    P.S. I also asked this question in the totally thread then realized it might not get as many views. I am so sorry if I offended anyone with the 2 questions.
  2. If you don't love it, don't keep it. These bags cost too much to have one that just sits around. You should always love what you buy!
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  3. Good point. Thank you for your input! Sometimes I'm one of those people who think oh no! It's being discontinued I have to have it. Would you buy 2 of the same bag. Azur delightful and mono as well?
  4. Why not? I do it with dresses, sweaters, etc. When you find what works, you go with it! :smile:
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  5. I agree - if you don't love it let it go. I see no problem with having a bag you love in multiple colors/materials. I am sure that by the time I am done I will have 3 Delightfuls - because I just cannot decide which I love the most. LOL
  6. You are right! I wanted it for just a practical everyday bag with the pockets and comfortable straps. But I do have multiples in clothing.

    Lol! This is me! If I could have all 3 I would. I'm just afraid if I let the totally go I will be upset once they are gone!
  7. I love my totally but if you don't love yours, by all means return it. It's too much money otherwise :smile:

    Get the one that makes your heart sing ❤️
  8. I agree with all the above posts, if you don't love it don't keep it, even if it's being discontinued. LV is always discontinuing different bags, if you decide in the future you really want a bag that has been discontinued you could always buy one pre-loved.

    Buy something that you love, if you love the Delightful in mono then I say go for it :smile:
  9. If you're not in love then return it, don't wait and hope that the buyer's remorse will just go away, and get the Delightful instead. I have 2 Delightfuls in my collection and would happily add a 3rd (maybe a DA since I don't have anything in that print) because I love the design so much!
  10. Thank you all for your wise advise!
  11. My advice would be 'sleep on it'. Do not make a hasty decision as it is being discontinued. Imagine your life with it and the collection service taking it away how does that make you feel? You might think you don't love it but feel sad at the thought of not having it. It sometimes helps for me. Good luck :girlsigh:
  12. You are right. I am thinking on it. It does seem very functional and I don't like the thought of not being able to have it later if I want it. Thank you for your advice!
  13. Can You please tell me what you love about your totally? Is it the function or looks? Or how you use it like an everyday bag or just to rotate etc. any input would be very helpful for me. :smile:
  14. I like the functionality of it and it's in azur so it's not an everyday bag. But I love the lay out and PM is perfect becuase I am a shorty. I like the details of it too and it's not too common.
  15. Never keep something that you are not in love. Take your time ( but not too long) and change it ;)