Advice needed: peeling interior, vintage classic flap

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  1. Hello lovely people, I ask for your wisdom and advice!

    My vintage preloved m/l classic flap has awful peeling inside. I’m faint of heart (jk lol) so I’ve avoided dealing with it, but it’s time to put on my big girl pants and take care of business.

    Has anyone experienced peeling like this and been able to have it successfully repaired?

    Please share any and all insights you may have!!



  2. When you bought the bag did they describe how or what caused the interior to look like that? I am just curious how it even starts to peel like that? [emoji848]
    I think “Leather surgeons” was mentioned in a post before. Doing amazing jobs fixing bags.
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  3. I bought it years ago at a resale boutique in San Francisco; it didn’t have any damage when I bought it... honestly I’m not really sure what caused the peeling, other than maybe age? It’s at least 8+ years old because the black lining ended ~2010.

    Def looking into leather surgeons, thanks @BettyLouboo!
  4. Have you ever had it authenticated? I once conctacted a europe version of leather surgeons about a bag like this as i was looking to buy it and it looke dlike that already - but much worse. they told me to stay away from it and not get it so i didnt. but i dont think yours looks to bad. Have it authenticated and ask leather surgeons for advise! if u send them pics theyll be able to help! BEst of luck!
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  5. I have not had it authenticated — I realized much later that it may not be authentic and that is honestly part of why I’ve delayed fixing the peeling, I didn’t want to know if it was fake! Mistakes of youth, oy. I will hopefully hear back from leather surgeons soon....
  6. I only use/recommend Leather Pros in West Los Angeles. Leather surgeons refused to repair one of my vintage crocodile Chanels and Mark of Leather Pros did a fantastic job. He's repaired many of vintage Chanels.

    Your interior can be repaired and from the few pics you have, it looks genuine. Good luck!
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  7. The leather looks like it is breaking down and might be beyond repair, however I recommend Factotum Newport Beach for major repair work. You can send them these images and get an opinion.
  8. Thank you @Regina07!!! Appreciate your encouraging words and I will definitely check out Leather Pros [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
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  9. Thank you @VersaceGirl! Will check them out [emoji108][emoji173]️
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  10. Wanted to provide a <sad> update on this bag....leather surgeons said it’s not authentic. I purchased it believing it was, but now I’m disappointed and kicking myself a bit. Definitely should have authenticated before buying but looking back I know I got swept up in a moment and I’ve definitely learned a lesson. LS encouraged me to reach out for a reimbursement but the shop owner in San Francisco refused. I think they’re super sketchy and if you want to know where NOT to shop in SF, just send me a PM. LS sent me the bag back but I don’t even want to take it out of the shipping box. [emoji24]
  11. Omg you poor thing! That's absolutely terrible. It's becoming too common for people to get taken advantage of on the pre-loved market.
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  12. Thank you so much @versacegirl...I know I’ll be scared to buy preloved again
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  13. I think the boutique should 100% give you a refund, especially if they told you it was authentic.

    It’s really unfortunate how awful people and businesses can be. I’ve also been scared away from the preloved market based on too many horror stories.
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  14. All I can figure is that they claim to authenticate but actually don’t....and this is the first time they’ve been caught.
  15. Ditto! Mark at LeatherPros is awesome! I bought a gorgeous small classic flap that had this exact issue inside the zip compartment on the flap. The burgundy leather was peeling. Took me by surprise as the bag was otherwise in great condition. Mark took care of it and you would never know it happened!
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