Advice needed: outlet purse breaking??

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  1. So I bought a small black Hamptons Hobo from last season at an outlet about a month or so back. Got a great deal on it: $63 with tax.

    My problem though is that in just normal wear over a month or so, some of the stiching on the straps by the rivets is coming undone. I can probably fix it myself, but I don't have the same weight of thread as they used on it. Could I take it to Coach and ask them? Would I take it to a boutique or an outlet? Because I'm already getting a headache thinking about trying to get to an outlet after Christmas (which is probably the earliest I could do it).

    I've taken purses to shoe repair places before, but they always ended up junking them up and doing a poor job so I'm not too keen on that idea.

    Any thoughts? Advice?
  2. You can take it to the store, or you can mail it into Coach with $20. If they can't fix it, they may send you a letter with a discount on a future purchase. See their website for repair information.
  3. I had a wristlet that I got from the outlets and the clasp was kind of breaking. I brought it into a coach boutique and they told me I had to take it to the outlets to get it fixed :sad: I dont know if it was just this particular boutique or in general
  4. I think regarding repairs...if you bought it from an outlet, that's where you should take it. They should offer you an exchange or credit/refund to buy something else if you don't want the same bag. One time my sister bought her first Coach at an outlet and it was in a light color suede. She used it one time and the color of her jeans transferred onto the bag and it was ruined. The outlet took it back immediately and offered her another bag, whether it be the same bag or a different bag. They didn't question a thing. They were very helpful. Try taking it back to where you bought it. :yes:
  5. One problem: I'm probably not going back to the outlet I bought it from .... for a loooooong time. I might just take it to the outlet that's closest to me which is a different one.
  6. i wouldn't think you'd have to go back to the same outlet...just any outlet, so long as you have your receipt.
  7. Good. I always keep my paperwork (receipts, booklets, etc.) in the purses I buy so I know I won't lose them.
  8. I took an outlet bag back to the store for repair. They sent it out without any problems.
  9. I believe this has already been answered, but you can bring it in to any Coach store, outlet or boutique and they can send it in for repairs. If you take it to a store, they should offer to send it in for repairs without making you pay for shipping.
  10. I would hope so because I live 4.5 hours from my outlet! If i buy something and it breaks I don't want to have to go that way to take it to get it fixed!