Advice needed on WOC or M/L flap

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  1. I recently just purchased a WOC but am thinking about returning it for a M/L flap. The problem is I don't know if I wanna spend an extra $2000 or so right now for the bag. I do want to be able to carry it when I go out to a lounge, party, etc. Will you be able to carry the M/L flap? Is the extra $$ worth it for the flap or should I keep the WOC?

    I currently own the jumbo and am looking for something smaller to use for evenings.

    Thank you for your opinions!!
  2. first of all, why are you thinking of returning your new WOC?
    If you liked the look of WOC, I would say keep it! In fact M/L doesn't hold up lots of things as well.
    Personally I love both and they fit need with almost same usage.
    For instance, WOC, I put cards/coins/keys/ lipstick/ mirror or compact/ mobile.
    for M/L, I put those things + a small note and a pen or digital camera.
    But if you prefered M/L because of how it looks, then you should go for it!
  3. so funny...i am having the same dilemma. I have the half moon WOC and have been troubled ever since the increase. I bought it right before 8/1 and as much as I love its versatility, I still want the m/l classic flap...I still haven't used my WOC...sigh
  4. I'm the opposite of you right now... It really depends what you do for "evenings". For example, last week I went out for girl's night bar hopping and didn't dare to take out my m/l with me. Instead I took my bal twiggy and was guarding it with my life from all the crazed drunks spilling their drinks! After that episode I was certain that a woc is a must for anyone's collection. So my advice to you is keep the woc you got if you go out a lot, but if you don't find yourself using it much then get the m/l
  5. tiffanyy: I'm thinking of returning the WOC cause I originally wanted a M/L. However, I just don't know if I really want to pay about twice as much for the flap if it carries just about the same amount.

    cocokat: may I ask why you haven't used your WOC yet? Is it cause you don't find that it is able to hold all the things you need? Do you now think that the M/L is a better option?

    lady70113: my "evenings" mainly consist of going to lounges. I don't think I encounter crazy drunks most of the time, but I think even with the WOC, I'll still guard it with my life. haha
  6. I have a Maxi and am contemplating to get a small one for day time casual and evenings say for dinners.

    So I am unsure of what to get: WOC or mini. My priority is more for dinners.

    Any recommendations?
  7. I actually prefer a WOC over M/L. I am able to wear a WOC cross body (handy when you go to a party) or wear it as a clutch...or a regular shoulder bag. Highly recommended!
  8. Aggiegal--for dinners--I would go with a WOC.
  9. Ipurse, thanks!

    If the WOC can be used as a clutch as well, then it will be great for dinners! Cos I want something that I can sling on the shoulder or carry as a clutch for dinners, and the size is still good enough for day outings.

    Correct if I am wrong, but is WOC slightly bigger than mini?
  10. Get a WOC. I wasn't a believer either. For the price of the WOC, I thought that the M/L was a better deal (before the price increase). I have a half moon and have pre-ordered a timeless caviar. I love it because of the cross body, double strap. You will get so much use out of it. I use it at night and during the day to run errands. I think it's one of Chanel's best buys considering the price hike IMO.
  11. Ummm...I am not sure if a WOC is larger than a mini. I think they are different. Mini is definitely thicker. I love my WOC because when I use it, I don't need to have anoter wallet. It has 6 slots of credit cards (built in). Then I can put my iphone, car key, lip gross, and lipstick in there. I love WOC compartments. You can wear it cross-body, shoulder bag, double chain (shorter shoulder bag), triple chain (hand-held) or put the chain in the wallet (as a clutch).
  12. Based all your advices (thanks a lot!), I am even more inclined to get a WOC.

    But I have 1 more question.

    Ipurse, how did you manage do a crossbody with WOC? I was ogling at all the pics of WOCs when I realize WOC can't seem to be able to do a crossbody! I was abit worried if it can't do a crossbody for my casual wear out.
  13. Aggiegal=I am 5' 2" and I can wear it cross body. The chain is pretty fact, it's a bit too long for me. How tall are you?

    You may be confused it with M/L. You can't wear M/L cross body. The chain is too short. It will look awkward if you wear M/L cross body.
  14. I'm not sure in terms of inches and foots. But I am 1.60m (thereabout :P ).

    I'm considered short, so I guess it should be fine!!! :lol:

    Finally! Something good about being short....