Advice needed on what to do with an Ebay Transaction

  1. Hi,

    I just sold something on eBay, but it says the user is no longer a registered user. What should I do? I have the person's email and address from the congratulations email that eBay sent me...Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I'd probably steer clear if I were you. They probably kicked them off for a reason. If they haven't paid, just file to get your fees back and relist. It should be an instant refund since the user if no longer registered.
  3. Thanks! How do I file to get my fees back?
  4. In "My eBay" go to your sold items and click on the drop down menu next to this item. It will give you an option to "report payment not received" or something to that effect. Follow the steps they give you after that. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:
  5. hm, try to contact them, if it sounds shady, stay away.. hey were probably suspended from ebay for a good reason
  6. Do not proceed with the sale. Just get ebay to refund you the final value fees, should be pretty fast since the buyer is deregistered.
  7. Thanks for the great advice I have filed for my fees!! How do you prevent this from happening??? I have tried to use the option to require immediate payment but it says I need a Premier account, although I have one...I have tried to contact ebay bit they are of no use!! Does anyone know how to get in touch with ebay over the phone???
  8. If the user is no longer registered, you should be able to get your final fee back immediately instead of waiting for 7 days. If you need to contact eBay, the best way is to do Live Chat. I heard eBay phone support is awful. Live Chat should be able to help you.

    Basically, your case is simple. The buyer is no longer registered. Don't bother to contact he/her to finish the transaction. You could get your final fee back immediately and then relist your item.
  9. it could be a hijacked account. be careful.