Advice needed on washed leather bag...

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  1. Hello fellow TPFers! :biggrin:

    I just got a pre-owned Prada washed nappa bag in bruciato and I love the soft leather and smell of it. :nuts: I just noticed that some parts of the handles have darkened a bit and also some parts of the bag... not SUPER noticeable but I can see it if I look closely. I assume these are due to the oils from the owner's hands. Is there a way to remove this? There are some areas of the leather along the seams too that are a bit shinier or this normal?

    Also, does this particular kind of leather get stained easily by water? I was wondering if it was safe to put Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent. I have used it on my other leather bags with no problems but I have never owned a washed nappa bag before. I am unsure about how to maintain this. :shrugs:

    Would really appreciate your advice! Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Anyone??? :wondering
  3. Can you tell us which style it is, or maybe post a picture. I have had several washed leather bags from the range that was out in 2006/2007, but they were quite a thick heavy leather and also leather lined. Is it from this range, or one of the more recent lines?
  4. I have had washed leather bag from Marc Jacobs and obviously the inconsistent texture and color in not a faulty. It's considered to be normal for such leather. I returned the bag though because the color was fading as well. Maybe you can try to clean the handles with make-up removal towel or baby wipes. I used the one from Nivea and it works on all my leather bags to get rid of stain or anything like that.

  5. It's BN1772 in washed nappa bruciato from Fall/Winter 2009. It's very thick and heavy as well with leather lining. :biggrin: Do you have a bag like this too? I really want to put the Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent but I don't know if it's safe to do so.

    dangerouscurves, don't the baby wipes leave stains on the leather too or they dry off with no markings?
  6. I'm not familiar with the style you have. The washed leather bags I was referring to were this range:

    So I don't want to advise you on anything without seeing the leather. In regard to the above washed leather though, if yours is the same, they are very easy to care for and rain spots just always dry out without marking. There are definite variations in the colour and texture of the leather too. That is the charm of the washed leather!

    In regard to handles, I know they talk about handle care a lot in the Balenciaga sub-forum. Those Bal girls are all about handle care!! Maybe you could search in there as I know that LMB do a handle treatment, but I haven't ever used it myself.
  7. @Baglover, I use Nivea make-up remover towel that looks like baby wipes and I have used baby wipes sometimes, they don't leave stains on the leather and it dries fast. But there's also leather stain remover lotion but I never use that one.
  8. Thank you so much oscarlilytc and dangerouscurves! I really really appreciate your replies and advice. :hugs:

    Here is a photo of the bag, is this the washed leather that you are familiar with?

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  9. A bag that's well loved and carried a lot will show signs of that use. Why worry about having a boutique perfect bag? Use it and enjoy it. Don't worry about the patina on the handles. It's what gives the bag character and makes it your own.
  10. Hi PP,

    Is it alright to put Rain & Stain Repellent on it though?
  11. I wouldn't.
  12. Okay, thank you for the very helpful replies! :kiss: I have been using the bag since I got it and I love the smell and feel of it. It's just so much heavier than all my other bags but I love it anyway. :lol:
  13. I just give my handles a rub with baby wipes (no alcohol ones) every now and then. I agree with PP *Waves* I don't use repellent and I live in Ireland and have been caught in plenty of showers with my bag- it has no rainmarks what so ever. Let the leather breathe because that bag is leather lined also.
  14. Thank you so much, I appreciate your advice! :flowers::hugs:I guess this bag is very low maintenance, which makes me love it even more!
  15. **WAVES BACK** :hugs: