Advice needed on vintage Kelly 35!

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  1. hello everyone :smile:

    Kelly has always been my dream bag and I think it may be time to finally search for one!

    I came across this one in Ardennes leather, which I believe was discontinued. Considering this is from 1989, the condition is quite pristine, except for some scratches and color transfer. the corner scuffing is mild.

    since I haven't really done much research before (trying to catch up now :P), do you think this is a reasonable deal (around usd $6600)?

    I'm also hoping that I can bring it to a spa to see if the color transfer is removable... is it possible?

    as for the size 35 vs 32 (or even 28), I'm not sure which one would be best as my one and only K. I don't usually carry a lot, but I think proportion is more important. I'm 160 cm tall, would 32 and 35 sellier make a big difference?

    many thanks in advance and I can't wait to hear your thoughts!!! :smile:
  2. I'm about the same height and got a 35 Retourne Ardennes because I found my 32 Sellier can't fit all my "stuff" . It looked ok when arm carried but I think proportionally it looks a bit big when shoulder carried on me. I still love it though for the leather and roominess.

    The size 32 in sellier would fit better IMO if you're more concerned about proportion.

    Ardennes is a great leather by the way but harder to find. Spa can resolve the issues you've identified, or you can DIY gently with some leather wipes to remove color transfer.
  3. I am 162cm and find K35 is too huge on me (especially sellier). Good luck with the decision!
  4. thank you!
    yeh... I guess 32 may be a better fit, as I would usually carry it by the shoulder strap.
    but I'm not sure if I should pass up this deal. as it seems quite reasonable?
    I prefer sellier to retourne and I love the gold ardennes combo!
    should I wait?
  5. I'm taller and prefer the 35 for my daily bags and the 32 in more form setting like dinner or a casual event. If you are only going to have one Kelly, then I Would wait. I will say that the sellier will be less slouchy in that leather. So even though it is a 35 it will be more structured than a 32 in clemence leather for example. Proportions are important but you should also consider what you would use it for and when.
  6. Me same height as you.
    My max to go is 32 retourne. I've tried 32 Sellier and I tend to knock onto things. 35 is out for me personally.

    However, birkin35 is great for me. I just feel I can control a b35 better (avoid knocking on surroundings, since the bag is always on my arm); whilst a Kelly in general is sling-worn so we tend to forget about the bag somehow when approaching a danger zone lol

    Size is very personal so hopefully you'll have a chance to try out a k35 before plunging.
  7. To answer your question with some questions:

    1) are you simply interested in this bag because it's reasonably priced? Or

    2) are you interested because you love the color, design, and leather?

    3) would having a bag that has a bigger dimension to your body bother you?

    If answer is no, yes, no - go for it otherwise you may be regretting your purchase if you don't love it. Find something that you'll love. Price for Hermes especially is relative to how much you think it's worth and how much you love it and willing to pay for it.
  8. Hello

    See link to a photo.. post 427

    Fufu has a 35 retourne and shes close to your height

  9. If I am converting correctly, that's 5'2", is that right? If so, the 35 in Sellier will be huuuuuuge!

    I am the same height and I find the 32 Sellier even looks like a briefcase on me.

    35cm right now tend to be priced lower than 32s and smaller, as the trend is smaller bags, so don't get this bag because it is a deal. A 35cm will be heavy as well. Sorry to dissuade you, but I think it will be too heavy and big. Good luck :smile:
  10. I'm with Marbella8 - I am your height also and I can barely carry off a 32. It does depend on your frame, but I find 35 selliers look best on tall women. A Birkin is a different beast (I carry 35s), and a very slouchy 35K might be ok, but IMO it will look very much like a work bag (not necessarily a bad thing).
    Fortunately, if you love this color (gold or brown family) and hardware, it's fairly easy to find a K at a reasonable price (under the $6600 you cited), although Ardennes is a bit harder.

    I know a first K is so tempting especially when you see " a deal" but to be frank, if you are ok with a pre-2000 bag that isn't perfect, and are willing to spend $6600 or maybe up to $7K, you will have a LOT of choices. I'd hang out on the reference threads and Kelly modeling threads and get clear on what is really your dream bag, then take a look at eBay and trusted resellers. It is different for all of us! Good luck!
  11. thank you all for your advice - now I have a clearer view of what I want and what I should do!!
    indeed sometimes it's very tempting to pull the trigger for something I think I like, but I'd wait for the one K that I really loveee!
    many thanks again