Advice needed on upscale brands that would fit a very thin, and short 60 year old

  1. Hello everyone. My mum has a hard time finding clothes that fit her. She's turning 60 in January and she is about 5"3 and weighs around 105-110 pounds. She wants to find nice designer clothing in america...the problem is...nothing fits. To exacerbate the problem, she has very small shoulders. I'm wondering if anyone can offer up some suggestions as to what brands she can wear. I'm looking for high end clothing that would be found in dept stores like Neiman, Saks, Bergdorf. Thanks :smile:
  2. My mom has a similar build, 5'3" or 5'4" and 95 lbs (too bad I don't take after her, ha). She doesn't buy high-end designer clothes but she does buy a lot of her stuff at Talbots?
  3. ^ :yes: Talbots and Ann Taylor seem to be popular with very petite older ladies...