Advice Needed on this debate-please read all of my post

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  1. I've trimmed my LV collection down to my most loved- black and white MC speedy, mono speedy 30, and 5 le fab's (which I adore so much I couldn't decide so I collected all:upsidedown: ) I used to have a very strong opinion on the ever famous BIRKIN. I accepted the fact that it was made the most coveted and the HG of handbags as a result of steller marketing. I like the bag it just was to me not worth the money. Well, I been lurking in the Hermes forum. Lately I've developed an attitude towards buying bags that if it's not a "forever" (meaning I'll use it when I'm like 80) it's not for me. See the birkin fits this attitude perfectly as do the remining bags in my LV collection. I've gone over my finances w/ my soon to be (he's a wealth manager) and I realisticly we not be able to afford a birkin for 1.5-2 yrs. However, I could sell my entire LV collection a buy one asap via eBay. What should I do? Any advice would be helpful!
  2. that is very tough.....i LOVE lv, but i think that hermes is also timelesss, classic, and beautiful....hmm....maybe you can just save 1 or 2 of your lv bags and buy a used one off of of karen kooper or eBay... i really have to think about it....if i saw a bag (like a pink 30 inch ostrich birkin...:graucho: :p :roflmfao: ), i definelty couldnt part (i am not going to get a birkin anytime 12...) with any of my bags....but if i really thought that i wanted to put all my money into one bag and one only (meaning not being able to switch on and off with different bags), i guess i would go for it. but dont listen to only me, ask a few other pf'ers.....go with your gut feeling after a couple of people have listed their opinion...:girlsigh:
  3. Oh, I say sell you LV's and make sure you let me know when you do! I WOULD LOVE ONE ON THOSE LE FAB'S :devil: LOL

    I actually say keep your LV's and wait on the Birkin. I like to have a choice of handbags and the LV's give you options!
  4. Are you certain that you can be happy having only one bag? I think Hermes is a wonderful bag & if you can be happy that way, go for it.
  5. I think you should keep the Lvs. Obviously you've thought long and hard about which ones to keep...and you love them since you kept them! the Hermes world doesn't it usually take a year or two to get the elusive Birkin? So you could start your hunt/waitlist now.
  6. That's tough. Are you leaning more towards one designer? Usually, when I can't decide because the pros and cons are overwhelming, I try to see if I am leaning towards one thing more than the other. I tend to find that when I favor one of the choices more, but can't commit to it for some reason it's what I really want to do.

    Keep us posted!
  7. Personally I wouldn't want to have only one bag.
  8. DON"T DO IT!!!!

    save up for a birkin. it's not like it's going anywhere.
  9. I agree - keep your current selection of LVs and save up for the Birkin! Then, in two years, you'll still have the LVs and the Birkin, too!
  10. I am leaning more towards LV and keeping all of them. Here's the thing I saw a lady at Saks last week and she has a black togo 30cm birkin w/ gold hardware. I was not blown away by the beauty of the bag, like I am w/ my LV bags, but I was more so blown away that it was a gasp BIRKIN. I feel that being a true handbag lover not having a birkin is like a sin. Don't get me wron I like the style of the bag however, not being able to hold one and examine one up close makes it hard for me to make this call. My biggest worry is that I'll sell all my LV and get a birkin and it will be like..excuse the with no orgasm :wtf:
  11. :roflmfao:

    joking aside, if you're selling your ENTIRE LV collection to fund the birkin, I vote to keep the LV collection only because I know how much love you have for your Le Fabs. However if you're able to keep the top 3 LVs that you love and still get the Birkin, go for it!
  12. Sell your Le Fabs?!?! Insanity! While I think Birkins are a nice bag, and Hermes seems to have good service I think the wait will make the bag sweeter for you. Or there was a Birkin in the XXX for 5-6k? That's only 3 le fabs sales right? You could do a slight trade off and find the used one you love.
  13. I agree with the ladies, I would keep the LVs. I would not want to have just 1 bag, no matter what it was.

    Also, I was so excited to get my first Birkin, I thought I would never go back to LV....but in the end, I have found I like my LV better.

    Considering you were unsure of the birkin before, I would hate to sell off your beloved Le Fabs, to decide the birkin was not for you.
  14. I realise a lot of the more serious LV collectors progress to Hermes (my sister being one of them), and the Birkin is the pinnacle of the bag hierachy for most people. But do keep a couple of bags you can use on a regular basis. My sis uses her Trouville most frequently, as her Birkin and Kelly are too precious to use daily. I have discussed Hermes with her, and she said that once you have experienced the workmanship of a Birkin, you can't go back!

    If you are in the right phase of your life for a Birkin, I say, go for it!!! I would love to be there, but at the moment, I can't justify the cost of one.
  15. I never think to buy Birkin :p . When think of buying a bag I never think of Hermes (for me it is too expensive). Maybe when I grow older I will like to have one. Anyway, you can use Birkin for life.

    Please, Keep your LVs. Various bag better than just one.

    I am still being LV and CHANEL fan.