Advice Needed on this debate-please read all of my post

  1. I've trimmed my LV collection down to my most loved- black and white MC speedy, mono speedy 30, and 5 le fab's (which I adore so much I couldn't decide so I collected all:upsidedown: ) I used to have a very strong opinion on the ever famous BIRKIN. I accepted the fact that it was made the most coveted and the HG of handbags as a result of steller marketing. I like the bag it just was to me not worth the money. Well, I been lurking in the Hermes forum. Lately I've developed an attitude towards buying bags that if it's not a "forever" (meaning I'll use it when I'm like 80) it's not for me. See the birkin fits this attitude perfectly as do the remining bags in my LV collection. I've gone over my finances w/ my soon to be (he's a wealth manager) and I