Advice needed on scarf size to get

  1. I'm looking to get myself a scarf. What better intro to Hermes than with one of their lovely scarves. So here lies my problem. The SA I was talking to got me totally confused. She told me the 90cm scarf is the traditional size that they normally always sell. Then she told the 70cm scarves got re-introduced (or something to that effect) and this size is much easier to wear. My questions now are as follows. First, do you prefer the 90cm over the 70cm? This may possibly be my one and only scarf. And second, is the 70cm now a part of the permanent collection? Third, do they come in the same prints as the 90cm just altered to fit a 70cm? As you can see, I am so confused and haven't found too much info on the 70cm scarves. :shrugs: All advice welcome.
  2. 1: Yes for me, 90cm is the classic, although 70cm is very easy to wear.
    2: Yes
    3: Yes, there are reissues. I'm not sure if there are any designs that are entirely new.
  3. Just to be clear on Q3; the 70s are not in the same designs as the current 90s. That is; is you like a current 90 it won't be in the current 70s.

    The 70s are also a different silk weave - softer to the touch and many think easier to drape and tie. If you are new to scarves you might find the 70 more managable. HTH
  4. I love the 90 size and have been collecting and wearing them for over 40 years. Actually, I find they look much better on me and are more useful than the smaller 70 size, but that really boils down to individual taste. No matter, you will look magnificent in an Hermes scarf no matter what size you choose.
  5. IMHO, I prefer 90cm over 70 cm because you can tie it in so many more ways... Also, they don't release all 70cms in the same designs as the 90cms. So, there are more designs/colors to select from in the 90cm range.

    Here's are some lovely blogs from our lovely Rose:heart: that might be helpful:

    Let us know what you decide! :tup: