Advice needed on return/exchange of new Miu Miu bag...please help.

  1. Remember that goregeous new Miu Miu I bought in Florence? I want to get rid of it.:sad: As much as I love it and how it looks, I haven't dared take it out of the closet and dust bag since returning. Why you ask? This adorable Kitty is the reason why. I love her to bits, but she sheds white fur like a fiend!!!!!

    I knew I should stick with the Coffer, all leather and easy to maintain. The bumpy/multi-layered/multi-textured/velvet-infused material on this bag will be a white Kitty fur magnet, and I'll be tweazing out fur, one by one, for all eternity.

    Totally crestfallen. So my question is, can I exchange this anywhere here in the US without having to ship back to Miu Miu in Florence? What are my options?
  2. Call the miu miu store here and ask!
  3. My Miu Miu receipt says no refunds, only exchanges within 10 days. How long ago did you buy it? Hopefully, you can exchange it.
  4. ^Oh dear. It was in late Sept. I don't even think I have the receipt. I don't want a refund, just want the leather Coffer.:sad:
  5. Have you spoken with anyone at a Miu Miu boutique? I mean, considering how much the bag costs, the least they could do is exchange it.
  6. I'm going to call the Miu Miu store. Are there any here in the US besides NYC? Does anyone know a good SA they can recommend that I talk to?
  7. When I got my bag, it came with an international list of all the Miu Miu boutiques. I don't know if I still have it, but I'll look. Are you lookin' for a boutique in a particular area?
  8. I know that we don't have a boutique in Denver, so perhaps Dallas since I go there often.
  9. Sorry, I can't find it the list of numbers. Here are the numbers to the NY Miu Miu Boutiques. Maybe their SA's can be of some help.
    212 249 9660
    212 334 5156
  10. thanks Kat! I'll give them a ring tomorrow. Othewise this bag's gonna show up on ebay :sad:
  11. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed! If it does come down to your having to sell it on eBay, I'm sure someone out there will be happy to get a gorgeous, AUTHENTIC bag on eBay. You should see all the fake coffers they're sellin' now! It kinda makes me never wanna get another "it" bag again.
  12. The saga ends, and not on a good note. Called Miu Miu in NYC (thanks katgrrrl) and they can't do an exchange. The only reason is that they never got the velvet Coffer in their store and don't have that style in inventory or entered into their system. If they'd carried it, they would have exchanged it. BUMMER! But the SA was very sweet.

    Thanks everyone for your help and advice. :sad:
  13. Why dont you ebay it and buy a different one then?
  14. Yes, that's next.